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  1. I was wrong. flipped dip 1 up and tested with xlights and my falcon and it was DMX address 256
  2. Just saw a video on youtube and for anybody else who has this question 000000001 is dip switch 1 ON. it goes backwards. everyone else may know this and I the only dummy
  3. 1st CF50 dip switches set 000000001 is this dip 1 or dip 9?
  4. I thought setting the dip would be easy now i have more questions. In the manual and in Mr P example it looks like for 1 I need to set dip 9 on. and for 6 then dip 7and 8. here's where I get confused I have a custom built flood with a dmx controller in it when I used the dmx calculator on my phone it said the for 1 dip 1 should be on and then 2 and 3. so I'm guessing dmx addressing isn't standard or am I look at the manual and Mr P example wrong and 1 in the manual goes from right to left. ie 1st CF50 dip switches set 000000001 this means dip 1?
  5. my question is more so about the LOR 50w floods and the jumpers in them. Just want to know as much about them as I can
  6. Ok I'm about to try this out. I have a question about the rj45 jumpers. the manual doesn't really go in detail about the auto function. if I put the jumper on DMX instead of LOR and then plug it to my LOR network will it still work and vice versa if jumper is on LOR and I plug in DMX? I'm trying to keep opening these thing to a minimum and since I don't really know what's going to be the easiest way right now. I was just exited to test my new stuff. And what's the AUX power jumper for didn't see that in the manual at all
  7. oh wait. so if I daisy chain them I can't have all of them with dip 1 on. the dip tells it the starting address not the universe. So this may be a dumb question but how do I put it in a different universe. smh I'm feeling like this is too advance for me. I thought it has to be in a different universe to make the colors different
  8. ok figured it out sort of but not really. to give you the full picture I have some other RGB floods that are not LOR so I'm trying to get them to work together. I cannot test these LOR floods with my Falcon v3 or at least I haven't figured out how to do it. but when I use xlights and the falcon I can uncheck channels 4 and 5 for the LOR floods and every thing works together. My question now is if I daisy chain the Floods can I still make each flood it's own color or does it turn into a dumb rgb string all of them have to be the same color. And is there a way to disable channels 4 and 5 through the hardware utility? I know its a little early for christmas lights talk but any help will be appreciated
  9. The 50w flood work correctly when using the Hardware Utility to test the channels. But when I hook it up in the DMX network from my falcon v3 it does not. I cannot do a color wash correctly. I've switched the jumpers on the board on the 50w flood from LOR to dmx. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong
  10. I'm testing my brand new floods. I was using my falcon v3 in test mode to do a color wash were it fade in and out on each color. My floods work right with the Red and Blue but the white and green just flashes / strobe effect. this doesn't seem right can someone chime in and let me know if this is a problem
  11. So what you guy are saying is that it was a conspiracy to keep me from putting the first order in. Well well, it didn't work then and now out of spite I'm going to get the first order in for the summer sale if I can source so more money by then. take that LOR
  12. Ok I definitely used AOL for one. But I think I used Gmail for the second, I could be wrong and I used NetZero. going to add them again. I don't think it will hurt anything
  13. au contraire. you must have missed the big article on the forums front page. it was the headline. I didn't miss the sale I place the first order in record time <30 second to be almost exact. My memory fades. but I didn't get any of the emails. I've pretty much lived in this thread since I joined about a week before the sale. I will have to double check the account settings. I just thought I didn't join the list in time so it was no big deal. it was the other guy who missed the sale
  14. That's interesting. I signed up with 2 different email addresses and still didn't get the sale email. but I just chalked it up to only being the week before the actual sale. I will sign up with a different email and see if I get the email from the summer sale if there is one
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