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  1. Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    I also have extra cmb24d New boards available as well $60 shipped, USA ONLY!! Comes with the controller LOR connector cords as well.
  2. Just wanted to say i love it!!! My 5yr old son loved when my 5' pumpkin started to sing this song. Another job well done!
  3. Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    Here are photo.links since the picture files are to large to upload. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9v4rcqki71...12007.jpg?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc73un8cs2...12019.jpg?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxra00iqmn...12246.jpg?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/w9nm4atppz...33954.jpg?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/47zv2gmm0e...33908.jpg?dl=0
  4. Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    Its a complete unit, pwr supply, control board, 4 pin LOR cables all in the cableguard box. If you go to Wowlights, the complete controller for like $289. This is that complete setup! My internet is down and for some reason it won't let me upload the photos from my phone.sorry....
  5. Very light use , used once for a light show and then stored away. It has been tested and work perfectly! Never exposed to elements, board and box are virtually brand new. I do have others for sale as well if you.need more, just contact me. Cmb24d The Dumb RGB DC Controller allows you to easily add Dumb RGB lighting to your display. It comes fully assembled and can control a total of 8 Dumb RGB Nodes, Strips, or Floods with your Light-O-Rama system. Product Specifications: RGB Channels8Input Voltage120-240VACMax Amps/Channel4Max Amps/Total30Voltage12V DC Controller can control Dumb RGB lighting (entire strand changes to the same color) and works with Dumb RGB Lighting and Dumb RGB Accessories $140 plus shipping I will try n upload photos later. These are complete units from Wowlights!! Not just circuit boards
  6. Thank you!!!! Please send me a copy of this my son loved this song!! Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Maybe you can try Lorde and the Royals next, i think it would make a great halloween song for singers
  7. Now Sharing ~ Wooly Bully singing faces

    Sonomaaz2003@aol.com I would like to try it out, you do great work!! Finally got my 5' singing pumpkin done would like to try him.out.
  8. Now Sharing ~ Paradise City ~ Guns & Roses

    This must be interesting to watch, can i get a copy as well sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  9. Can i get a copy of this as well,my dad would love this one.. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks again, you are definitely the man for singing elements!
  10. I love this one! Great work on a song not many people even know of..this will definitely make the display standout above the others.
  11. Hallelujah faces sequence would be great if you had this one... I would love a copy to try as well Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  12. Please send me a copy as well, sonomaaz2003@aol.com You always do great work!
  13. snow miser talking faces

    Great song would love to add it to the show! Loved it when i was a kid Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  14. I would love to get a copy of this to try out, the neighborhood kids would love this. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  15. I dont think i know this song, but i would like to try it out. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com