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  1. Mister

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    If this has singing faces, then yes James please send me a copy. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks James
  2. Can I get a copy of this too JR. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes James I would like a copy too, please! Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  4. Mp3 music online radio, free songs to download and use and more music then you will know what to do with all FREE I use to go to YouTube and convert the videos to mp3 but alot of the popular ones are protected and can't be converted. Much easier to go to the mp3 radio site and download them for free.
  5. Mister

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Ditto on all the above, they have definitely made my singing faces, that much better as well as setting it apart from others who have the common purchased sequences.
  6. Mister

    Raspberry pi 3 and falcon caps - jittery pixels

    Just loaded the new Falcon 2.4 pi player software. Different then the previous version 1.8 but its actually much simpler to make sequences run on, especially since now it has a pi cap specific section to run pixels on. Yes the LOR listener does make issues when run with falcon. This is why I run everything from the pi. It's much simpler to load sequences onto and just tell LOR controllers what to do then then the reverse. If you need any help with the pi or the fpp just hit me up and I can advise. With the new upgrade I had some song issues since they were not true mp3, but a wave file.
  7. 2 - LOR800Wg3 controllers available, used for 2 seasons (total of 4 months over all) bought new and always used inside rubbermaid tubs to protect from weather. Work great just down sizing my show a little. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6tw4cl6nvu3fa2c/20181108_102632.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vg1yx4m6tw1ayyw/20181108_102656.jpg?dl=0 $220 each shipped USA only! If your local in Phx, Az pickup price is $200 each
  8. Mister

    1000’ spt1 green

    Any. Vamp plugs or is it just the wire?
  9. Mister

    Successful Halloween

    What do u have ?? I would love to add some light up tombstones like the ones from holiday coro for the other side of my yard for next year.
  10. Mister

    Successful Halloween

    My wife tells me she had a fun evening with my son and her parents. They said they went around my neighborhood and. Came back to a crowd of people waiting In line to take pictures with my singers and flashing pumpkins, just watching the lights in amazement!! No one in my neighborhood really does anything for Halloween besides a few small decorations on the lawn. But it's a great neighborhood to get candy in😊 I even ran out of 20lbs of candy and people were still taking pictures with my display. I had to work till about 9:30pm and the show runs till 10PM. And when I pulled up in my car some people were still taking pictures. All ran flawlessly off my pi cap! No real display photos though. I am sad to take it down tomorrow but. I can't leave it up all year.
  11. Mister

    Raspberry pi 3 and falcon caps - jittery pixels

    Nope, pi is the master!! Runs it all. I am away alot with work and my wife can use a computer for squat so she can't run it when I am gone. This way the show works no matter who is home or not home for that matter. Sequences and music : mp3 are on USB drive that FAlcon player formatted when started it initially up/ booted. Then dropped files into the folders it made. No computer, the pi is the computer that runs the controllers,etc. Only time I use the computer is to write the sequences and when I download them onto the USB for the pi to use. Then I go to the falcon player ip address and setup the rest from there. Networking: this one I originally had issues with as well.but after searching I found a nice little gadget that work great. It's a tp- link 300mbps universal wifi range extender. Plugs in any wall outlet or extension cord and picks up your wifi router signal and has 1 cat5 connector in the bottom of it which in turn goes to the pi. So now my pi is wireless and I can access it when I am on my home wifi signal! Even if it's out in the yard in a box!! Hand little gizmo. Only other way I found my pi is useable is if I connect it direct with my router. But that's no where near my lights.😊 Now the player ip address site you setup for it. That still has to be told what yo do since all the pi does is read the sequences/ music you tell it to. And if your ip site connections are not what you sequenced them to be the player won't play them. They have to match up to play! If you over or under send the amount of connects it won't play. Also I found out it will only output to LOR 16 channel controllers. The 8 channel ones it will output to but only the first 8 channels then it skips the second set of 8, even if the sequence is setup correctly. Its Kind of a B... this way.. very pickey.. but once you figure out what it's looking for to work it becomes second nature setting it up. Does that make sense??
  12. Mister

    Raspberry pi 3 and falcon caps - jittery pixels

    Interesting! Well I run 1- falcon pi cap to control my entire show with a pi3. It runs my music, outputs to my 6 LOR controllers as well as runs my 2 front windows (50 pixels each)my under even lights on the house ( 150 pixels) and runs my garage outline and lawn perimeter pixels( when I use them which are another 250 pixels. All are ws2811 strips not nodes by the way. All off this off the 2 ports of that, 1- falcon picap, with power injection of course. This is what I did. I split the signal out of the cap into 4. Each port runs lead strings to the lights. So 2. Of my 3 under eve lights are run off 1 port= 100 pixels. The second port runs 1 under eve light-50 pixels. And also runs a main leader out to the windows as well as the garage and lawn. Now this port,I split again to the various elements- lawn,garage,windows. So in the players menu I have my port 1 set for 200 pixels my port 2 is set to 400 pixels. The total can not exceed 1800 leds that's the max, over all between both ports. If it's not setup in the menu correctly nothing will work. It's a great piece of hardware but it's very pickey. Took my alot of trial and error to make it all work properly. I have a. 2nd one that I use to test with which I will use for future pixels.
  13. Mister

    Looking for a Circus/Carnival Sequence

    May I ask what this is exactly??
  14. Yes please, Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks JR
  15. JR can you send me a copy, Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks