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  1. Joel, As a follow up, I think the issue is resolved. It was human error. No one will confess but when I explained the app was running all the time and if you click on it don't close it. Its been running fine since.
  2. I looked at Events on applications and didn't see any for the app. So its a mystery.
  3. Joel, I've had to restart WeatherCondition2 on two occasions this week. Is there someplace where I could look on Windows 10 to see what occurred?
  4. Thanks for the quick response to my request. Works like a champ! Thank you!
  5. We did as a tech team go this route, number one was it was a familiar product as the free version. So no training involved. Two, It had more features such as being able to play all the different file type extensions.
  6. I used your console application on the free version of Zara we are using for our LPFM station for the past 6 months. Great work. Now we went a purchased ZaraStudio 3.0.9 and it now does not work. I contacted Zara support and they referred me to the Weather Watcher app (NOT). They told me that the output for ZaraStudio needs to be a text file (plain) and should look like this. [weather]temperature=[TEMP PLAIN]degreeType=Fhumidity=[HUMIDITY PLAIN] I tested it by creating a text file above and inserted a temperature of 45 and Humidity of 60 and it worked. The new Zara does not like HTML or more detail than I've shown. Would it be possiable to modify your console program for ZaraStudio to create this output? Thank you in advance.
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