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  1. Bumble


    Thank You!
  2. Bumble


    Hello S5 users, I am running 5.2.0. I am somewhat confused about the term Unit# that is found in the channel panel on the right side of any prop definition window. Is it the same as unit ID? Can you point me to a tutorial or post that explain how to assign the correct unit id to each prop. I have been working in S% off and on since April. All my lights are wired up and ready to go.
  3. Bumble

    Max number of pixels

    Hi Can anyone explain how to enable a second network in s5 if one network is not enough ? I have a second red sub adapter and enough cat 5. I have 6 pixie controllers that need to be on separate networks according the pixel limits above. Thanks ahead of time.
  4. Bumble

    Lights won't play

    Thanks to JR! Everything working now. Thanks everyone!
  5. Bumble

    Lights won't play

    Yes. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Bumble

    Lights won't play

    Hi, New to LOR. Starting very early in the year. Starting with S5 as advised by the help desk. |i5-2430M running windows 10 S5 v 5.0.18 Pro SS 60 CCR 5.0.18 I have sequenced my first song using SS and created a show. I cannot get my computer to talk to the lights. I have been working on this for a weeks on 2 separate computers. I have spent much time reading through the online help and forums and done my best to follow instructions carefully. Here are some details: I have the HS USB485 connected to a Pixie 8. I have 4 arches connected to outputs 1-4 of the Pixie 8. The HU successfully turns on the lights. The Pixie 8 stops blinking when connected. The COM port reads 04 in the HU. The controller ID reads 01 for the Pixie 8. The prop unit #'s in my preview for the arches are 01-04. Network preferences in the control panel indicate COM port 04 500.0 K (LOR fastest) Enhanced Here are the steps I have followed: In the sequencer "create playback files" In the simple show builder I add the playback file and adjust the schedule to play the show at the current time. Control panel on and red. "Control lights" selected in the sequence editor "Enable shows" selected in the control panel Control panel now blue. The show starts and I get music but no lights. It seems like it should be so simple, what am I doing wrong? Thank you ahead of time!
  7. Hi, Thanks everyone for being so helpful. I am trying to build a preview for a snowflake and sequence it in super star. It has 100 pixels. The videos below show my attempt. At the end of the second video I play the sequence and only half the snowflake lights up. So this may be an obvious question, but I am learning LOR in S5 and do not have the benefit of S4 experience. Thank you!
  8. Bumble

    New to LOR and pixels

    Thank you! I will do this.
  9. Bumble

    New to LOR and pixels

    Sorry, I did not realize the video cut out. So I decided to use music from a different album and superstar successfully pasted the instant sequence into the sequencer. The first song i tried gave the following error after exiting superstar "There was a problem processing the response from superstar: An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 4, position 190" Both songs were used from my itunes library. Perhaps I am naming the files incorrectly? Thank you in advance
  10. Short video of my progress and issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o89f6i8Z3Lg&feature=youtu.be
  11. Bumble

    New to LOR and pixels

    Here is a link with a video of my progress and issues. For the record: Dell latitude e6430 running windows 7 S5 sequencer v 5.0.18 Pro license Superstar sequencer 60 CCR v 5.0.18 Pixie 8, (2) pixie 16, CMB 24, CBT 16 LOR HS usb adapter
  12. Hi After creating 4 arches in the sequencer preview, I have been attempting to create an instant sequence using the "insert superstar effect" feature. The sequencer asks me to save. Superstar opens and nothing happens. I choose create instant sequence and click the sequence all button and a sequence appears. At this point it is unclear how to get the instant sequence into the sequence editor. Has anyone had this work? If I close superstar and go back to the sequence editor it tells me "no response from superstar". I have also tried using "export to sequencer". It gives options to export as legacy or new format (intensity). I am not familiar enough with S5 to understand anything beyond this point. In the S5 tutorial section of the LOR website there is a short video that shows this working. I cannot get it to work.
  13. Bumble

    New to LOR and pixels

    Well that is easy and makes sense. Thankyou!
  14. Bumble

    New to LOR and pixels

    Thank you so much! I have successfully created a preview! I am trying to make sense of the "Channel" section on the prop definition windows in the preview design window. I have been told to think of a Pixie 8 as having 8 "inputs" not 8 channels. So using this convention, here is how everything is physically connected: Here is the controller daisy chain: Computer -- HS 485 USB adapter -- Pixie 8 --Pixie 16 -- CMB24 -- Pixie 16 -- AC controller Here is how I have connected the lights to the controllers: Pixie 8 (unit ID 01) using 3 inputs for the house outline Pixie 16 (unit ID 12) using 14 inputs (most are 100 pixels each) for the house outline, posts, snowflakes, stars, and arches) CMB24 (unit ID 35) 8 RGB dumb spotlights Pixie 16 (unit ID 60) 8 inputs for the remaining stars, snowflakes and the remaining house outline. 16 Channel AC controller (no ID yet) for various LED strings Now what? The channel section (far right) in the prop definition window is asking for: Network - ok this is regular Unit # - is this the unit ID for my controllers? Start and end circuit - are these controller inputs, pixels, channels ? carry over. So lets say I connect 100 pixel string to input 1 on my pixie 8. What should the unit # and start circuit be? Based on that answer, what would a second 100 pixel string be if connected to input 2 of the pixie 8. Thank you so much! I plan to make a screen recording of all this once I get it right!
  15. Hi, This is my first year with LOR and pixels. The help desk suggested I learn S5 instead of S4. I notice that most of you who use S5 import various files from preexisting work done in S4. I have no S4 files since this is my first year. Is there a video that shows how to create from scratch in S5. For instance create a roofline and assign channels? If not I would be greatful for any help. The help documents in S5 seem to pertain to S4. Am I missing something? I have 1 pixie 8, 2 pixie 16, 1 cmb25 and lots of bullet pixels for a house outline. Most of the outline is put together in pixel runs of 50 and 100. No e1.31, just LOR high speed usb. Just need help starting with S5. thank you!