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  1. Lee2525

    Pixcon 16 Setup

    Hi JR, gave this a shot tonight and it is not working. The Pixcon16 is not appearing in the Hardware Utility. I can see it in the Network Preferences and i believe i have set the 16 ports of the Pixcon16 board to Unit ID numbers 3 thru 19, but it is still not showing up in the Hardware Utility. Any other thoughts on this from anyone?? Will work on this more this weekend. Thank you all again for your input and assistance.
  2. Lee2525

    Pixcon 16 Setup

    Moving into the RGB world and need a little help. We have a Gen3 Professional Controller with the mini director installed. We are adding a Pixcon16 to run some RGB decorations we are working on, but I am not sure how to configure the 16 ports of the Pixcon16. I read the document titled "Introduction to DMX and E1.31" and in that document on page 5 it makes reference to configuring the 16 ports of the Pixcon16 with a LOR unit ID for each port; how? We are not adding a lot, some leaping arches and some poles maybe with stars on top (depending on time). Not looking to run the show over an E1.31 this year and possibly next. Are there any documents or training resources I can reference? This will be our second year with LOR running our lights, but it will be the 8th year of having a show; just much improved.
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