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  1. What I want is during the sequence of lights for the show, I want an insteon module to go on. No LOR's or stand alone devices are connected to this, just part of the sequence of lights for the LOR program. That way I could have lights inside a window go on when set to in the LOR light show program.  Then the non weatherproof objects wouldn't get weather damaged.

  2. I have some of the old DASHERs that I use as stand alone. I do use the light linkers, but they only turn on a 16 unit LOR. I have just a few lights that I want to go on from the stand alone DASHER in the center of our driveway where the cars stop to see my light show. Next Christmas I wanted to have just a few things go on right beside their car. This past winter I ran outdoor extension cords as high as I could, but they brushed the UPS truck's roof and I was always worried they'd be pulled down.

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