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  1. Sixfalls

    New to Pixels

    Thanks for the reply! I guess my main concern is the software and controller. I have some technical background with light boards and sound boards and have someone on my team who has worked with pixels in the past (mainly assisting with their setup). I’d love to incorporate my raspberry pi, but I just don’t have the time to put that together. Thanks for the info and advice.
  2. Sixfalls

    New to Pixels

    Thanks for the reply’s. The “out of the box” remark basically for me means the hardware components. I’d like to purchase components that work with a fairly easy to use software program. I realize that I’ll be spending hours sequencing these lights. My plan would be to buy some pixel strips (in addition to the few sets I already have) and configure them and integrate them with my set. I guess my main concern is the controller and software. That’s where I’m lost. This is a live musical. We are doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My plan would involve someone triggering the lights where needed or connect them to my light board and control them via DMX.
  3. Sixfalls

    New to Pixels

    I want to put pixels below 7 steps and have them alternate colors. I’d also like to place them across the arch in our auditorium with the same affect. Lastly, I’d like to create a pixel screen (actually 2 of them) and display several words in time with the music. The “out of the box” part would be the software/controller combination.
  4. Sixfalls

    New to Pixels

    I am the director for my school’s musical. I am planning on using pixels during our show. Where do I start? I’ve been working towards building my own system with a raspberry pi for Christmas, but I don’t have the time for that when it comes to the musical. I need something that works “out of the box”. What components am I going to need? What version of the software should I get? I need some advice. Thanks in advance.