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  1. When using E1.31 on a PC with two network cards, is there a way in LOR software to choose what network adapter to use? Steve
  2. I guess no one knows when the next release will be. Steve
  3. These work very well. http://www.broadcastwarehouse.com/bw-broadcast/tx1-stereo-fm-transmitter/22/product Steve
  4. I am still having this problem. Audio file opens fine in SE but crashes in PE. I have tried renaming the audio file and changing its location but it still crashes. Steve
  5. Just learn PE. I have been using PE and SE at the same time controlling the same pixels. Works just fine. You just can't have effects overlap from one to the other.
  6. Report Number: SC08 Module: Pixel Editor Software Version: 4.1.2 OS Version: Windows 7 (64 bit) I get the following error when I open PE and try to open a new sequence. Steve
  7. Back in 08 there was talk from LOR about releasing a controller for controlling water pumps and LED's. Take a look at # 4 below. Found the link. http://www.lightorama.com/Documents/MLC-100.pdf Friday, 22 August 2008 12:58 Here are the products to be delivered in August & September: 1) DIO32 32-channel digital controller with daughter boards. The DIO32 has four 8-port headers. Each 8-port header (8 channel group) is individually configurable as digital output(32 channels max), digital input(8 channels max), relay control(32 channels max), low power AC dimming(32 channels max), high power AC dimming (32 channels max). The daughter boards are: 8 channel SPDT relay, each relay 16 amps @120 vac; 16 channel dimming, 40 amps total @ 12/24/120/240 vac; 8 channel dimming, 60 amps total @ 120/240 vac; 16 channel connection daughter board for custom projects. DIO32 has headers on it allowing 16 servos to be controlled by two of the 8-channel ports. 2) An isolated USB adapter. Completely isolates the PC from the network. Can be used for added protection but was developed for large scale installations with multiple LOR networks. 3) Network Repeater. Used to extend the network beyond 4,000' or to create network topologies other than a daisy chain. (Star networks, 'Y', ...) 4) 9 channel fountain controller. Controls up to 3 PMSM pumps and 6 channels of LED lighting. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor pumps are the type most commonly used in fountains and ponds. Both pumps and lights controlled from barely on to full power. LOR plans to offer both submersible pumps and submersible LED lighting. 5)Chime-O-Matic. A 25 note catherdral chime system with 5 volume levels with full LOR control and 6 inputs. The inputs are two digital, two phone ring sense and two doorbell sense. We have not yet gotten quantity price points for these products so I can't provide prices here. We will put each device on sale for the first week when it is introduced because we don't have the prices for a pre-order during the June sale. Steve
  8. Report Number: SC09 Module: Pixel Editor Software Version: 4.0.24 OS Version: Windows 7 (64 bit) I know this was a problem in the past two beta releases and it still is in 4.0.24. Preview playback only works in the main window. When you click separate window it just stays blank during play back. Steve
  9. I was running 4.0.16., 4.0.20 Fixed the group play back issue. But now I get no Preview playback if I play back on the separate window. I think there is a bug report already open regarding it. Steve
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