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  1. Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone has a 12ccr mega tree with 6 channel legacy superstar sequence that they would be willing to share please and thank you. Matthew
  2. You are probably correct.-:). I've got about a foot of ice/snow right now where i would be placing the tree...avoiding ground contact is a great idea. How many strings would be recommended on a tree of 13"?
  3. @dibblejr...i would like to have an RGB tree. I am looking at the 5w square pixels from LOR but they are sold out right now (:-. I think if i am not wrong the overall lenght is 7ft so i dont think i could have a mega tree more than 9ft? unless i can connect them together inwhich 15-20ft tree would be awesome. Hence i think i would need the pixel controller for rgb and LED? I don't want to use the strips just because of all the snow and freezing rain i get here. Matthew
  4. i love a copy of this too please. I need bigger speakers for this song -:) thanks. mmacnab@rogers.com
  5. may i get a copy too please and thank you. mmacnab@rogers.com
  6. I would love a copy of this too please. Love all the help on this forum! email: mmacnab@rogers.com
  7. Hello everybody. Im just starting out. Looking for guidance and help before i start forking out the big dollars. My current setup is like all my neighbours with strings of LED's everywhere. I am somewhat limited on front yard space. I have been watching Bruce's video ( about 100 times now ) on how to build his mega tree. I do have room at the side of my home for such. I have prematurely purchased the Star Wars March and music medley as i am a big Star Wars fan. I am hoping for a simple setup: 1. The mega tree ( hopefully not biting off more than i chew ) 2. 4/5 floods 3. i have also pre-ordered a train frame that i will need to wire with lights ( POLAR EXPRESS FAN -:) ). The questions: what package from LOR should i begin with should i purchase the PRO level right away can i use the RGB's inconjunction with LED strings or do i need replace everything with RGB's or the PIXELS down the road? Thanking you in advance. Matthew
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