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  1. Does any one have a spare pixie 4 or pixie 8 they want to sale. Can buy just card or complete unit. After starting to put up display I really need another pixie. Brand new complete is out of my price range for now. Please send PM me. Thanks Ricky
  2. Please send me a copy. richard19@gt.rr.com. Thanks James
  3. James can you sen copy monster mash to me richard19@gt.rr.com
  4. James I would like to get a copy of intro for Halloween also. Thanks
  5. Ok need one to work with my easy light linkers set. Thanks Ricky
  6. Would like to buy either one of these if someone has one for sale. Shipped to Texas 77651 area code. Can use paypal. USB-485B aDapter with booster LOR brand USB-485-ISO Isolated Adapter
  7. Do you have an idea of what you want to sell this for.. please let me know richard19@gt.rr.com
  8. Thanks for pricing but I’ll pass on the arches kit for now. If you want to sell controller by itself then I would be interested. Thanks
  9. Interested in the ELL RV-V4 linkers and the USB485B adapter. Best price shipped to . Port Neches TX 77651. Thanks Ricky
  10. Interested in the leaping Arch kit. Controller on sale AlphaPix E1 with 4 outputs for $160.00. The 4 strips are $22.00 each right now on the website. $28.00 for cables. This on Holiday Website Please let me know your best price. The mega tree not sure which one you bought. Thanks Ricky Pm me at richard19@gt.rr.com email.
  11. Is this the kit from holiday Coro. Or is it the pieces you put together yourself. Does it have any cables with it, the black 3 prong waterproof cables
  12. Would love copy of trolls. Thanks new to this so trying to learn
  13. Would love to have these also. Thanks for sharing
  14. If you still sharing I would love copy also. Thanks greatly richard19@gt.rr.com
  15. I would like copy of both if you still have them. richard19@gt.rr.com
  16. Could I get a copy of this also. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  17. How many of the LOR RGB floods left and price with shipping if less than 8 . Thanks
  18. Thanks for the 2 controllers. They both checked out ok and hope to start learning best way to use them. Ricky
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