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  1. Would aldo love a copy. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  2. Would Like a copy also Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  3. Would love copy of this please. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  4. May I also get copy of this also. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  5. Would love copy of this. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  6. I would also like a copy of this too. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  7. May I have a copy of this also. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  8. Would love a copy also James. Thanks. richard19@gt.rr.com
  9. How much , and what generation are they 1. Was the unit completely assembled/wired by LOR. Either a LORxxx unit or a CTB16PC-ReadyToGO…2. if the unit was NOT completely assembled by LOR, was it a solder kit or pre-soldered by LOR3. does the card have heat sinks installed
  10. Jr May I get copy of the singing trees for visualizer. Have just started using it and I just purchased the holiday Coro trees.just orederedthe led lights. You have sent me few of your faces, I have saved them to use now. Will be asking you for some more in future as you offer them to beginners. Email. richard19@gt.rr.com
  11. Where did you buy this panel kit, and how many pixels for whole setup. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for the input, really appreciate it all. Ricky
  13. Could I also get a copy of Frosty the Snowman. and rudolph
  14. Would love a copy of Hot Chocolate. Thanks JR
  15. JR could I please get a copy of the Baby Shark singing faces. Just bought the Holiday Coro singing trees, Large ones. Also would like God Bless the USA
  16. I would like to know if the Holiday Coro 46x46" versus the 23x23" singing Christmas Tree. Was wondering if the larger version shows better from the street of does the smaller one look better. I am using the LED m5 minis on all 4 of the singing trees. The larger tree takes a considerable more led M5 lights. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. I use a telescopic flag pole made by Telepole (USA Company). It’s a 3 1/2” commercial pole 25’ tall. The 16x50 mega tree is 20’ tall. The North Star is another 5’. Use 2 guy wires on Star only. Had winds up to 50mph and no problem. Extended the pole only 20’ then Star was set on top.
  18. The sequencing you sent me I was able to use in my show before New Years. Thanks and if you have any more I would appreciate very much
  19. would love a copy of this JR. Thanks to you and James for the ones I have gotten.
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