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  1. Richard Sonnier

    Grease The Movie Mix Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    If you still sharing I would love copy also. Thanks greatly richard19@gt.rr.com
  2. Richard Sonnier

    Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

    I would like copy of both if you still have them. richard19@gt.rr.com
  3. Richard Sonnier

    All I want for Christmas Mariah Carey

    Could I get a copy of this also. Thanks richard19@gt.rr.com
  4. Richard Sonnier

    For Sale - LOR 10w floods, CMB24d's and dumb rgb nodes

    How many of the LOR RGB floods left and price with shipping if less than 8 . Thanks
  5. Richard Sonnier

    CTB16PC for sale

    Thanks for the 2 controllers. They both checked out ok and hope to start learning best way to use them. Ricky
  6. Richard Sonnier

    CTB16PC for sale

    Sent payment using paypal. Transaction 30T53693HB815382C to your paypal account
  7. Richard Sonnier

    CTB16PC for sale

    Want to still buy both of the controllers from you Please. Send me your Paypal invoice and account name and I will send you $350.00 total for shipping included. Thanks Richard Richard Sonnier I hope I sent you a private message
  8. Richard Sonnier

    CTB16PC for sale

    Interested in the last CTB16pcs Email me the price and age please. Ricky