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  1. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Thanks Bryan, any ideas would be great. I checked out the fanamaze guy, pretty cool but don’t want to “copy” him. I found an excel document with a bunch of faces and the animation but since I don’t the software yet, it was a bit confusing
  2. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Budget not really an issue. I have lots of computer experience and a lot of ton available. I will be working overnights and am required to stay awake so I will get to play on the software for hours.
  3. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    well that makes sense then lol.
  4. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Your Lowes is WAY better than mine lol. I didnt see any of this. Going to have to get my brother in GA a call and have him scope out his store lol. impressive though. Are you thinking of doing a megapixel tree?
  5. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Awesome! Lets learn together lol. I picked up almost everything from Lowes this year, I should have grabbed more lights but wasn't thinking at the time. I grabbed the LED green tree (i think 7ft?), the LED mickey and minnie and the inflatable Toy soldier Mickey and Snoopy plane. If I get the mega pixel tree, i will be putting the plane on the roof to save lawn space :0
  6. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Also, I like the mega pixel tree from HC but i don't want to over complicate for myself lol. Does LOR have anything similar or is it easy to connect the two. Basically, I am a dumb pixel that wants to be smart LMAO
  7. JoesChristmasDisplay

    Brand New!

    Hello All, Let me get this out of the way first, i have nothing except for a few boxes of LED lights that i bought this year in preparation to start a display. I have two young kids (6 and 4) and have done a blow-up display the last couple of years, and am tired of it. So, here is what i am looking at doing. I am looking at a pixel tree and singing face to start, maybe a few small trees/candy canes to trim out the front of my lawn. Looking at the ShowTime starting set but not sure if that's where i need to go, and what i really will need to start up. Lets just say, I am super excited about this but Way overwhelmed, which i assume is part of the fun :-). Thanks in Advance! Joe