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  1. Brand New!

    Thanks Bryan, any ideas would be great. I checked out the fanamaze guy, pretty cool but don’t want to “copy” him. I found an excel document with a bunch of faces and the animation but since I don’t the software yet, it was a bit confusing
  2. Brand New!

    Budget not really an issue. I have lots of computer experience and a lot of ton available. I will be working overnights and am required to stay awake so I will get to play on the software for hours.
  3. Brand New!

    well that makes sense then lol.
  4. Brand New!

    Your Lowes is WAY better than mine lol. I didnt see any of this. Going to have to get my brother in GA a call and have him scope out his store lol. impressive though. Are you thinking of doing a megapixel tree?
  5. Brand New!

    Awesome! Lets learn together lol. I picked up almost everything from Lowes this year, I should have grabbed more lights but wasn't thinking at the time. I grabbed the LED green tree (i think 7ft?), the LED mickey and minnie and the inflatable Toy soldier Mickey and Snoopy plane. If I get the mega pixel tree, i will be putting the plane on the roof to save lawn space :0
  6. Brand New!

    Also, I like the mega pixel tree from HC but i don't want to over complicate for myself lol. Does LOR have anything similar or is it easy to connect the two. Basically, I am a dumb pixel that wants to be smart LMAO
  7. Brand New!

    Hello All, Let me get this out of the way first, i have nothing except for a few boxes of LED lights that i bought this year in preparation to start a display. I have two young kids (6 and 4) and have done a blow-up display the last couple of years, and am tired of it. So, here is what i am looking at doing. I am looking at a pixel tree and singing face to start, maybe a few small trees/candy canes to trim out the front of my lawn. Looking at the ShowTime starting set but not sure if that's where i need to go, and what i really will need to start up. Lets just say, I am super excited about this but Way overwhelmed, which i assume is part of the fun :-). Thanks in Advance! Joe