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  1. I've been through all the video tutorials and more trial and error than I care to admit, but I'm still at a loss with this. I have a 64-channel display, all simple 100-light strings, no pixels, trees, faces, or anything else. I upgraded to S5 and also upgraded to Pro so I could use the SuperStar Sequencer. It seems to be a great upgrade. I went through and redesigned my preview with the props and groups and all seemed to be happy. I converted all my S4 sequences to S5 and they all work exactly as they should (yay!). The trouble starts when I created some new sequences. I like the superstar sequencer, it gives some great options and my playback window looks like exactly what I want it without it being a lot of hassle. I was ready to impress everyone with this. I only wish the light sequence itself after it was made was visible somehow, it'd be great to take a set of sequences where I really like what it does and copy / paste that to another set of sequences in the display. However, when I created my show and put it into the LOR itself, it's completely wrong. The wrong lights turn on, and mostly just stay on throughout the song. I even did one song with just all "Blue" lights turned on (channel 9-12). Very, very simple. On my real lights, I get 2 strings of red (channel 7 and 5) and 2 strings of white (channel 1 and 2) and they just stay on solid. It looks really silly for Blue Christmas when that happens. What am I doing wrong? Any help is quite welcome! Pat
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