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  1. dansamy

    Looking to buy a USB-RS485 adapter

    I personally love to open the box and dig through all the packing to find things. The dogs go nuts chasing peanuts. The cats do too.
  2. dansamy

    Going Dark in 2019

    Definitely a rare opportunity. Guess I need to order some spt...
  3. dansamy

    Going Dark in 2019

    My son and I took a road trip to visit the Talleys and finalize buying all 3 trees, their stars, arches, and controllers. It's my hope to see their display continue, at least in part, for a long time. This past year was our first year with LOR and although we only used the purchased sequences from the Showtime Central, we still greatly enjoyed it and it sparked a desire to continue building a better show. The Talleys were kind and lovely people and Earle is passionate about his trees. We plan to set them up in the backyard in the next month or so to get a practice run on assembling them. Blessings!
  4. dansamy

    new to Light o rama

    Welcome! I started this past year myself. I only used purchased or shared sequences this year because I REALLY procrastinated. I still ended up utilizing 44 channels at Halloween and 48 at Christmas. I looked at LOR for a long time too. It's rather addictive once you get started. I will more than double my channel count next year.
  5. 1st year with LOR. I went from 6 Gemmy channels to 48 LOR channels. I went from just icicles on the roof to 4 colors on the roof and windows. I traded out 4 incandescent string trees for 4 LED trees from HD that really are pretty awesome bases. I will trade the lights out next year. I added a Bumble (from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) that I don't like. I added one set of those 7ft tall candy canes from HD and a set of stacked gift boxes from Lowe's. I like both of those. I changed my columns from one single strand of C9s to 8 channels of mini lights in an old style equalizer look with the different colors going up the columns. I added 4 of the large snowflakes from Lowe's. I'm already planning to add arches and spiral trees and mini trees next year. I will replace the lampposts at the end of the sidewalk with something, probably an arbor that will stay up year round and get lit for holidays.
  6. dansamy

    Going Dark in 2019

    How tall are your spiral trees and where are you located? I would actually be interested in all 3 of them, with stars.
  7. dansamy

    Just wondering

    I'll bet a new set cost a lot more than $100!
  8. dansamy

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Yes! Thank you both!
  9. dansamy

    Just wondering

    I hope you bought her a new pan!
  10. dansamy

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    That should say MORE than double. Mookie is the dog's name...
  11. dansamy

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    JR, my daughter, that came to the Alabama mini with me, and I will be coming to Expo. I procrastinated a good bit this year, which i knew I was likely to do, but we did get a small show up and running. Yay! I have plans to mookie than double it for next year.
  12. dansamy

    George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    I love George's house face. It's really cool and very different. My house is too small to put something like that on.
  13. dansamy

    carol of the bells Lindsey Sterling

    I would love a copy as well! Amelia.presnall@gmail.com
  14. dansamy

    Cost-benefit of CCB vs LED strings?

    So why do they sell 3 different types of controllers? And what's the difference in the CCBs and the bulbs you can get with the pixie/pixcon? Why do the cosmic color controllers only control a few strings?
  15. dansamy

    Cost-benefit of CCB vs LED strings?

    That's what I'm afraid of. What's the difference in the CCC-II and the pixie and the pixcon controllers?