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  1. I probably should have used that oft repeated nursing terminology "back to baseline", which is always the ultimate, even if oftentimes unattainable, nursing goal.
  2. Help making initial Kit purchase for projector

    Disney replaced Wishes! with Happily Ever After, which includes castle projections. It's very beautiful.
  3. Sequence U - 2018 Class Schedule

    If you miss a class, or would like to watch it several times, is there a way to do that? While I'm *usually* not working Sunday nights, sometimes I am.
  4. I stumbled across your site the other night. I love your Jack Skellington.
  5. Heart attacks are very overrated! I'm a nurse and the one place in the hospital that I hate being sent to is the telemetry unit. I'm a tiny human nurse. Not a heart nurse! Hopefully, you're starting to feel less like a train wreck and a little more back to normal.
  6. Thank You!

    Can't wait to see what Halloween stuff looks like. My daughter is so excited.
  7. New, planning 2018, and an introduction

    Northwest Mobile County. I'm up your way about every 2-3 months because I drive a friend's child to the Cystic Fibrosis clinic at Children's.
  8. Brand New!

    Oh, megapixel tree. Likely not. I'm doing good to manage what I'm planning right now and learning that. They're really cool and the local drive through light show has 2 I think. At least I think that's what they're called. They were playing what appeared to be 16 bit graphics on it.
  9. Brand New!

    I think she just wanted to go ahead and get them sold. They're going 75% off this week anyway, so ultimately I just got that price early.
  10. Brand New!

    I accidentally got 75% off the 100 count LED strands because I thought they were ringing up incorrectly. The manager gave me the override. I only spent $1.50/strand.
  11. Brand New!

    This isn't Lowe's. Bumble and candy canes are from Home Depot. Sleigh and string trees and gift boxes are from a store called At Home. And light strands are good ole Wal-Mart!
  12. Brand New!

    This is most of what I got this year. Already planned my 4x4 layout (because I'm likely only doing one 16 channel controller with LED string lights) with roof line, columns, pathway, lampposts at end of path (or they might turn into arches), 4 windows, 4 light string trees, 4 decor elements (Bumble, NOEL box set, reindeer with sleigh, 7ft candy cane set). I'm not sure exactly where everything is going in the yard yet. And I still have more pine trees on my property that I want gone, so who knows what the front lawn is even going to look like next year. My local Lowe's is still just 50% but there's stuff I want, but I'm not paying their price yet. I know light count isn't important, but my display will more than double next year. 2k lights to 10k. 6 channels to 16. 3 decor elements to 8. So while it definitely isn't as big or as fancy as many of the enthusiasts here, it'll be mine and it's a big undertaking for me.
  13. Brand New!

    I'm new too! I've used a Disney Magic Holiday Musical Light Show controller that Gemmy made for Lowe's for the last two years. 2016, I had those cheapo spiral trees with string and they fall over every time you look at them sideways and $5 Wal-Mart window lighted decorations. Plus the roof icicles and column and pathway lights. I didn't really hit up after Christmas sales last year, so I paid more than I wanted to and got a lot of new pieces this year. I replaced almost everything except the icicles on the roof. I hit more of the sales this year and snagged a lot more light strands and several more outdoor decorations. Next year's display will be twice as large. Now, I just need to learn more about controlling it all.
  14. New, planning 2018, and an introduction

    I'm just barely moving from the Gemmy Disney box to a real light show control. I'm definitely not ready for anything more than regular Christmas lights. Still not sure I like the look of them either. I know some folks hate LEDs too and they love their incandescent. I live in the Deep South where we run the AC 360 days of the year. My power bill needs the LEDs and I'm fine with their look.
  15. 2016 Holiday Show

    Have you seen the new Happily Ever After show that replaced Wishes in the Magic Kingdom? It's amazing!