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  1. dansamy

    Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    I'll be building a haunted cemetery fence for Halloween and a candy cane fence for Christmas.
  2. dansamy

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    I LOVE his display, but I definitely can't get away with lights that bright shining straight up into the flight paths of low flying aircraft taking off or landing. Which is perfectly fine by me. I don't want my display to get too big or too out there. Living where I live helps keep me in check.
  3. dansamy

    LOR software/harware Controlling a DMX moving head w/LEDS

    I live too close to the airport for this.
  4. dansamy

    2018 Spring Sale

    Me too!
  5. dansamy

    2018 Spring Sale

    Well, UPS notified me that my box is on a semi that was late getting to a depot in Georgia. So my stuff isn't arriving today.
  6. dansamy

    Alabama Mini

    I will be able to go!
  7. dansamy

    2018 Spring Sale

    I actually sent an even earlier ticket, but it wasn't a complaint. I'm an idiot and didn't put everything in one order (shame on me) so I asked if they could be combined to save a little on shipping. I did use PayPal, but I've never had any PayPal issues. I didn't with this purchase either.
  8. dansamy

    New, planning 2018, and an introduction

    I bought a fair bit of cheaper LED lights after Christmas. I will still need some specific colors.
  9. dansamy

    New, planning 2018, and an introduction

    So, I ordered the software/starter kit with the cables and connectors, 4 16 channel controllers, some wire, some plugs, the g3-mp3 thing. Got an FM transmitter from Amazon. I also ordered a 7 foot tall dragon for Halloween. I already have the fog machine. I would like some lighted gravestones and pumpkins. Still working on Christmas. That's going to take a while.
  10. dansamy

    Prayers for Val & Family

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Val. My husband died a bit over 3 years ago and it was so earth shattering, life altering.
  11. dansamy

    2018 Spring Sale

    I got what I wanted! 4 controllers, some wire and plugs, the bigger mp3 director thing.
  12. I probably should have used that oft repeated nursing terminology "back to baseline", which is always the ultimate, even if oftentimes unattainable, nursing goal.
  13. dansamy

    Help making initial Kit purchase for projector

    Disney replaced Wishes! with Happily Ever After, which includes castle projections. It's very beautiful.
  14. dansamy

    Sequence U - 2018 Class Schedule

    If you miss a class, or would like to watch it several times, is there a way to do that? While I'm *usually* not working Sunday nights, sometimes I am.