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  1. got everything I needed in about 2 minutes -- picked up a new Pixie16 controller & 16 X 100 RGB strings. That brings me up to 2 controllers and 3200 lights for my display. Let the nightmare of sequencing everything together begin!!!!
  2. Wow...... just Wow.... Love your show Dibblejr.... Absolutely love both of your mega tree's... the pixel mega tree on the right is amazing... you have some serious skills if you did all that programming yourself.
  3. Heya Dibblejr, First off I need to commend your awesome instructions in the hardware section of the forums as they really did help me get everything setup correctly on the first try. The only snag was the comm port listener... I eventually figured out that it was because it was on Comm04 and just went into the advanced settings and manually put it on Comm01 and that quickly got the Pixie16 under control. Going back to this purchased sequence problem though.... It must be an S5 thing as any amount of copy/paste from the purchased sequence into a new sequence are just not working at all for me. I have not given up but it is now on the back burner as I crank out my own sequences using superstar and the motion effects in the new S5 as we are just a few days from setup and trying to get 12 songs on the playlist to start(already have eight). S5 is so new that I doubt there is a video for newbs to watch to try and grasp the concept of what is going on and a detailed write up like your hardware guide is probably out of the question. Thanks again for helping me to get up and running(hardware guide) and also for clearing up that superstar license problem I had in a different thread.
  4. The last half of that does not sound too difficult..... Its the 1st half that I am unable to wrap my head around.... I am unable to import the S5 .LMS sequence into superstar.... Is it possible to copy/paste from S5 to SS? Not sure how that is done.... I have tried highlighting a row in S5 and pasting it into SS but that did not work at all... just get a message saying that the clip board is empty.... Should I chalk this up to a $50 learning experience and just use the instant sequencer in SS to make the sequence I need for my mega tree? would rather not do that as the visuals look much better in the purchased sequence.
  5. So I purchased a You Can Modify sequence from the store for a 16 string(100 pixel per string) mega tree. The problem is when I load the sequence into S5 and point it towards my Mega Tree preview it seems like its displaying lights for stuff I dont have (arches, windows, floodlights, ect...) From what I have read the mega tree sequence is on Controller 4 for this sequence.... How do I tell S5 to just use that #4 controller sequence for my tree? Also, I found out after I purchased that most of these sequences are made for tree's with only 50 pixels... Is it possible to use the pixel extender in Superstar to stretch it out to cover all 100 pixels? If it helps I have attached the string summary from my preview in S5.
  6. Wow, thank you everyone for all your help.... It did not occur to me to go by the # of channels needed for the string and I just figured the 24 CCR license would have been good for 16 CCR strings with a little room to upgrade in the future.... to quote a favorite cartoon from back in the day... "And knowing is half the battle" I will get the upgrade to the 40CCR superstar package and that should knock out that one error message that happens when I am in S5 and import a superstar sequence. Do you think that will also take care of the error log I posted earlier that occurs when creating an entire sequence in Superstar and importing it into S5?
  7. Hiya everyone, This will be my first year working with RGB pixels.... During the summer sale I picked up a Pixie16 controller and 16 CCR-II RGB smart strips(100 pixel ribbon)..... I also picked up the generic starter pack which I upgraded to the Pro level and the superstar sequencer to the 24_CCR version. The mega tree construction process has been finished but now its coming down to getting the lights programmed or sequenced. A couple of problems that I am experiencing: 1. When I create a sequence in superstar its about 38mb .sup file.... when I export it to a .lms file it ballons up to 136mb..... is that normal? 2. When I load that huge file into S5 it needs to be "upgraded" and then displays an error dialog box that contains the following S5 Error msg dialog.txt --So the sequence looks great in Superstar.... but after importing and upgrading into S5 it seems like some of the lines of the tree are not displaying in the preview even though all 16 ribbons show activity Now that is if I do the sequencing in Superstar first.... If I switch it around and start a new music sequence in S5 I still get an error message... I will highlight 20 seconds or so and "Import a superstar sequence" and I get the following message. "Information: Your superstar license level allows playing sequences of 3750 channels or less to your actual light display. This preview has 4800 channels. You can still create a sequence and can play it to the Superstar screen and it will be save, but it will not play to the sequencer screen, nor will it play to your actual lights." Whats up with that error message? if I bought a 24 CCR license and I am only using 16 CCR strings.... why would I even see that error message? Do I need to spend another $100 to upgrade to the next level higher of the superstar license? I mean i guess I could use nothing but motion effects in S5 to sequence my lights but really want the variety that Superstar can do.
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