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  1. It would save so much time if it was possible to delete more than one archived item at a time. I have to delete about 100 items... I purchased this from lightorama sequences, and trying to add a 16 strand tree, not easy. Seems like a simple option to shift click, or alt-click to select more than one, would be AMAZING! Just a suggestion.
  2. I have a PRO Series LOR1602Wg3-MP3 that I've used for two years with standard lights on 16 plugs. I have a collection of sequences I use and they work great. This year I added a 16 Ribbon Superstar Tree. I'm using S5 Sequencer and Added in my Superstar Sequence for The Greatest Showman to program to the Tree. This works great! However, How do I add my existing Superstar Sequences to my 16 channels that the PRO Series LOR1602Wg3-MP3 controls. The New Musical Sequence Wizard set up the power strand one as Unit 01:01-16 automatically. When I try and select all 16 to import from Superstar Sequencer, it says "Superstar Effects Must Be Placed on a single motion effect row". Is there a tutorial on how to get standard lights (16 of them with the G3-MP3) to work with one RGB Superstar Tree? Or if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong would be great!
  3. I keep getting an error that says "Your license does not support this feature (Beat Wizard)" but I have "5 seat license for Light-O-Rama Basic with SuperStar 16_CCR." So I'm not sure what else I need to make this work? It also says "Your new license is good through version 5.6.* (and any future versions released by December 25, 2018)." So, what do I need to buy to use the Beat Wizard in S5?
  4. How can I create a show that runs an animation on G3-MP3 that plays every hour, leaves the lights on when not playing, but ALSO leaves the lights on after the schedule is done. Why? I would assume most want this feature. Here is why. I'd like the lights to turn on at 4pm when its starts getting dark, and the first show to play at 6pm, then every hour till 9pm show being the final show. Then after the 9pm show ends, leave the lights on till 11pm without another 10pm show. Is this possible? I've looked everywhere and can't find a way.
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