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  1. Thanks, I'll try it out this year. I'm actually hoping to use LED light on the house this year too. Have any suggestions that will work with my tree?
  2. Hi there. I bought a RGB pixel tree last year and couldn't get it to work with my 16 channel thing for regular Christmas lights. We tried daisy chaining it and what not but the pixel tree did not go on. We are using the mp3 box to do the show, not the computer. We want to be able to use our tree this year but also want to upgrade to LED lights for the house. If anyone has references to what LED house light controllers are compatible with the RBG pixel trees that would be great. Here's a question with more details from last year
  3. The CTB16PC-ReadyToGO is for the regular lights on my house, I have that up and working, just not the tree
  4. I believe it is a pixie 8 for the LED RGB tree and a CTB16PC-ReadyToGO and I don't know how to daisy chain them
  5. So this is my first light show and I am just getting top know how everything works. I have a RGB Pixel Tree with a Pixie controller to controll the LED lights on the tree. I also have the starter pack controller, the CTB16PC-ReadyToGO controller, to control the lights on my house. I have successfully set up and sequenced the lights to my house. They work with the controller and everything. I am also using the MP3 thing instead of my computer to send the info to the controlers. So the problem comes to when I want to include the Pixel tree to the show. I thought I had set everything up correctly, making the house light controller UNIT ID 1 and the pixie controller UNIT ID 2 and everything is on a regular network. When I play my show, only one of the LED strips light up and only 8 of the lights on that strip light up. It also looks like it is using the sequence I made for the songs in mu sequence editor rather that the pixel editor sequences I made. I have tried a lot of different set ups for the prop for my pixel tree and moving around the cables between remotes to see if it that was set up wrong. I do not know what is wrong and I can't figure it out. Thanks.
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