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  1. Does anyone by chance have The Greatest Show from the movie The Greatest Showman that they would be willing to share?? giggly_jam@hotmail.com. Thanks so much
  2. Yeah that’s about what they are. Annoying
  3. Yes I do. Its really strange because yesterday during the "off" time from the show only parts of the strings of LEDs were lit. Once the shows started, they turned all the way off. Now this morning, none of them are on at all.
  4. Laptop. Running that controller on the 500k network before my pixel tree
  5. I made cage trees with a string of 70 led mini lights. I then took the spot light and plugged it into the end of the string of leds. The leds stayed on. Once the show started all the led strings turned off. Leds are great but so annoying
  6. Alright so here’s another issue. I plugged in a spot light lamp into on of the channels (which is every channel on this controller) with the program off and the LEDs are still on. Any other ideas by chance??
  7. Ok. I got a question on pixels and their sequencing. In some of the sequences that i had purchased from LOR, it states that it has 32 pixels sequenced into the song as well. I have a set of the CCC-II but I’m told these won’t work for those pixels. Is what they have for the Pixie 8 or 16 controllers that they sell
  8. Looking at next year, I’m looking at adding a starting button to start my show on the first night then let the program run the rest of the season on its own. Any suggestions or steps on how to get this done?
  9. Looking for a newer song fromThe Greatest Showman call The Greatest Show but the t is by Pentatonix. Would anyone happen to have the sequencing for it?? Much thanks
  10. I have one controller (brand new this year) that has 16 string of mini LED lights doing tomatoe cage trees and as I was looking out the window this morning, I noticed about 12 of the 16 were still on. They are not completely on but you can see that they are actually on. Is there a reason for this and is there a fix for it?
  11. Well thank you good sir. Email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com.
  12. This might be going out on a limb but would anyone happen to have any sequencing for Carol Of The Bells that The Piano Guys did?
  13. Thank you guys again!!! Yeah I had some issues with my pixel tree that was because they upgraded the software and made some bugs for 4 users. But that’s all worked out and we are hoping for a great season. Hope your lights shine bright this season!!!
  14. Ok. I don’t know what I did or how I did it but everything works. All 5 controllers work, the pixel tree works, everything!! Thank you guys so much for all your help. A lot faster than help desk
  15. Ok so I have done all of those steps and created the second network and #5 works in the sequence but now my other controllers don’t work. I answered no to using the second network as the show network
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