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  1. I have seen different Youtube videos on making arches and most have shown the cosmic color ribbon. I have some leftover pixel bulbs and controller and was thinking of using them as arches. Does anyone know how well that might work or has anyone tried it?
  2. Yea, the red adapter is what you need. It’s high speed and that’s what the tree needs. I’m going through some of the same issues. I was told to use either the pixel editor or SuperStar program to get the Tree sequenced, then you have to export the sequences out of those programs to sequence editor, then add a new channel for your tree and go into the channel configuration and add the sequence in that way. After all of that, you have to have the Handel on the entire song for it to work. I finally got mine running after about 2 weeks of emails and help tickets and finally calling and getting remote help from Brian who I guess wrote the SuperStar program or something and he walked me through it
  3. HLE


    I recently added a pixel tree to our show but I’m having issues with a few pixels on the fist and fourth stands lighting up when they are not supposed to and before you ask yes they are sequenced off at the time. Heck the whole tree is off for a song and they are still on changing colors and flashing. I wrote a help ticket and was told that it sounds like it is getting the sequences for other channels and it’s showing up in the tree as well. They suggested putting the tree on a different network. So, now that I’ve gone in and set up the new “Aux A” network tone the pixel tree, i went into SuperStar and changed the visual channels to “Aux A” network, saved the sequence in SuperStar, reexported it to Sequence Editor and redone the sequences to reflect this change. One problem, now my tree doesn’t light up at all! IV been really frustrated with this to the point of almost just getting rid of the tree all together. What am I missing?? I’m using on my laptop “Comm 4” as the port for my show, as it asked in the hardware program, and have “Comm 3” as my “Aux A” network but it’s not assigned to the hardware program as part of the show. Is this my problem? Has anyone faced this issue before? Any steps in the right direction would be great!!!
  4. HLE

    Singing Trees

    Sorry about that. I’m a 3rd shifter and don’t get to check this as much as I want. The email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com. Thanks again!!!
  5. HLE

    Singing Trees

    Looking into getting some singing trees for next year and was wondering if anyone had a sequence or two they might be willing to share? Anything would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
  6. So a lot of the sequences that are offered state they run on 64 channels. So what happens with any channels added after 64? Do they light up with another channel or do they just stay dark?
  7. HLE

    Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    Been looking for this for a bit and was just going to try and do my own. Would you be willing to share? giggly_jam@hotmail.com