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  1. I know everyone is busy with their displays but if anyone has Frosty the Snow man and Rudolph (both without signing faces) that would be great if I could get a copy higleylights@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  2. I forgot I have an older controller that’s not gen3. I accidentally put it on my regular network 500k but I need to move it to its own network but can’t seem to find where I can do that
  3. Every year I have had issues with my regular controllers and my pixel tree controller talking to each other and making them all work. I’m usually on the phone and remote accessed in for hours trying to get them to work. Since up grading to 5 I have just ran a test on a few of the sequences I have converted over and they all work. By far the easiest year in the 8 years I’ve done this 😁😁😁😁😁
  4. Looking for a sequence to Light it Up by Fall Out Boys. Not looking for singing faces or pixels, just dumb led light sequence. Thanks in advance giggly_jam@hotmail.com James
  5. James, could you send a copy as well? Thanks giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  6. James, would you be able to send a copy this way? Thanks in advance giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  7. The only thing is I don’t use the previewer. We change our display each year and add things and subtract things to keep things new. Like last year we did 32 trees around the outside of the yard. This year those trees will be scattered across the yard and new arches brought in. And usually we don’t decide where everything is going to be till the first of November so the preview really doesn’t matter to me.
  8. Do I need to open all of my old S4 sequences into S5 and then re-save them as in the S5 format for them to work??
  9. Upgraded to S5 and added 2 more controllers to my Halloween layout. I go into the sequences that I had from S4 and opened them in 5 but I am lost on how to add any more controllers. Any help would be great
  10. Hopefully. It would be awesome to do.
  11. This might be far stretch but does anyone happen to have a sequence for Fall Out Boys Light It Up. I’ve seen some YouTube videos of it and would love to get a copy. Don’t have any signing faces but if that’s all someone has, that would be just fine as well. Thanks in advance giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  12. Any chance of getting a copy? giggly_jam@hotmail.com and I do have superstar Thanks!!!
  13. Yes I do have superstar as well as the pro license.
  14. Does anyone have any good Halloween sequences that they would be willing to share? Just have the one controller for Halloween. Already have the normals (monster mash, thriller and such) but was looking for some more. Thanks in advance James giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  15. Looking for sequence for The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. Have the music already just need the sequences without faces. Thanks in advance giggly_jam@hotmail.com
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