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  1. I sort of wish the channel plugs were longer. Every year I end up with a mess of cables at the bottom of my controllers. Anyone have any good ideas on how to clean it up some? I’ve tried zip ties. I’ve even thought of having my electrical friends put longer pigtails on them
  2. HLE

    Grinch Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    I believe this is what I am actually looking for for my kids night songs. If I could get a copy that would be great. giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  3. This would go great with my other songs by them if you could send me a copy that would be great. giggly_jam@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance
  4. Would anyone by chance happen to have the song Mr. Grinch? Doesn’t have to have the singing faces (don’t have them this year). It would be much appreciated if someone happens to have it
  5. I had problems last year which the tree having a few pixels doing their own thing. Then I realized that they were going turning on and different colors with the sequence for the rest of my lights. Hopefully it won’t happen this year but I was told that adding a second network would take care of that
  6. Would love to get a copy. giggly_jam@hotmail.com This song is absolutely hilarious
  7. Bill, Would be awesome if i could get a copy of it from you. my email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com Thanks in advance for sharing
  8. HLE

    Pentatonix Hallelujah

    Ok. I’ll find something or try to get it programmed myself. Thanks for the copy for all the other decorations tho!
  9. HLE

    16x25 Pixle tree

    I’m starting to regret getting this thing. There really isn’t a lot of sequences out there for this and I’m not the greatest at sequencing either. Most of the songs I have I just do the auto sequence in Super Star. If you are better than I am at sequencing this tree and would like to share anything you might have, it would be greatly appreciated. Anything is more than welcomed!!! giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  10. HLE

    Who wants a free sequence?

    Wow!! Looks amazing. We have 2 controllers full of just LED trees that I think this would look amazing on. Would love to have a copy of you would care to share. giggly_jam@hotmail.com. Thanks so much in advance and thanks for sharing that video
  11. HLE

    Pentatonix Hallelujah

    James, it would be awesome to have a copy of this song. Definitely one of my favorites. Do you happen to by chance also have it for the 16x25 pixel tree?? If so that would be great to have as well!! Email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com. Thanks so much
  12. Would anyone be so kind to share either O Holy Night or Silent Night? Any artist would be great. Also, if you happen to have it programmed on the 16x25 pixel tree, that would be amazing if you would share that as well!!!
  13. I have had the same few sequences from light I Rama for the past few years and looking to expand our show to newer songs or even newer versions. I just have the time to sit down and sequence the songs. I would be much thankful to anyone and everyone who might be able to share some more sequences with me. I also have a 16 x 25 pixie tree as well if you have anything that can go on that too, that would be awesome. Working 2 jobs just does not leave a lot of time to sequence anymore. My email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com thank you all so much