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  1. Ok all, I’m shopping for flood lights. Are the ones that come with remote controls suitable for rewiring to a controller? If so what kind of controller? Is DC better than AC? Thanks!
  2. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    George, what are 9-segment poles, and VU meters? Obviously I need to do some studying! Thanks.
  3. Sound outputs music & voice to different speakersI

    Thanks a31ford. It’s gibberish to me right now. I’ll be studying this subject for sure!
  4. Sound outputs music & voice to different speakersI

    Can anybody give me the link to this? I can’t find it. It sounds like it will answer my question regarding how to split and sequence vocals & instrumental separately... Thanks!
  5. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Learn music at half speed: check! 4/4 time: check! Regarding vocals, I agree that they would be a terrific part of any show. The melodies are mostly easy. And If I can separate out the vocal track I can sequence the background music of the rendition that I’ve chosen. That’s a great idea! Can I do that with LOR?
  6. Total newbie question: I’m wondering about setting a show to songs with vocals versus strictly instrumental. Has anyone found the vocals to distract from the light show? Since I haven’t done any of this yet, I’m also thinking it might be easier to program just instrumental. It seems to be easier to hear the music without the vocals. Thanks.
  7. Beautiful, Mega Arch! Now I have a good idea about the floodlights. I have another question for you. What are the lights in the very front, that long row of them? I like the way they operate and the way they look.
  8. Thank you oilmoney and Mega Arch! I assume the larger strobing lights are the floodlights? They are terrific and will work perfectly for me. What a great display you put on!
  9. Thanks Mega Arch. If I read you right I would surround some floods with regular strobes and use the floods to fade? Would the white floods be of similar brightness and color as the strobes? I like the RGB but can I control it with LOR? Finally, how many floods (no strobes) do you think I ‘d need to fully illuminate my porch (see pic). Thanks again!
  10. Hi all. The music I’m contemplating for next year has several cymbal sequences. I would like to use very bright white (strobe bright) bulbs that will not all flash at once, they will dance so to speak in a “random” pattern And fade as the symbols fade in the music. My question is: what sort of bulbs should I use for this? Any Special wiring or such? Thanks in advance.