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  1. I looked through the comments to see if that was clarified but must have missed it. It was kind of what i thought, but if you are doing screen sharing than that might be hard to see on a mobile device. I think the question I was asking was if the intent is that you would be demonstrating and we would be following along doing the same thing at the same time. A great way to learn since it is so much easier to remember having done it yourself than watch someone do it....
  2. When you say 2 computers, i assume 2 displays connected to 1 computer would also work, one to watch via Zoom and one to sequence on.
  3. got mine during last years spring sale but they don't even have any wire in stock on non sale prices. i hope they do get some by summer.
  4. hi, been awhile since this was posted, but would like a copy if you still have one to share rgnikula@ msn.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share
  5. I only see this when doing a play after making changes to the preview. Time varies on the complexity of the preview. i assume that arrangement resolution settings on the effects windows when using the preview arrangement also plays in here. Do you by chance have that set to a high setting?
  6. there is a superstar feature to do it (more $$) - but with S5 and motion effects only, I am not aware of any "easy" way. Just using a picture tool is not going to get what you want. But there a lot of features that someone else will recommend.
  7. The key is the number of circuits, which you need to set to the number your pixie supports, 300 (3 * pixels per string) you can also let LOR do the math by setting Enter channel number for first row with autonumber but you have to not de-select separate id for each string (or else it will start over with each nest of lights) You will end up with the same pixel assignment as in the image above.
  8. in your screen shot, you are setting up with DMX, but in original post, you said without DMX. If you want to use a PIXIE with 100 lights, you should set the type to LOR and the max circuit to 300 (100 3 channel pixels). But there are various ways to do it.
  9. don't see the image and the link you sent is just a link to a google drive (which when clicked shows me my google drive). this is what you should have, notice how the right side defines the start and end by nest of star https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMdz1Lrq_P5C7OwQ_RM7v58-8s5F6ANvZXuEPtuPsJeGFwOhIHm3OAi8zPFc8fq4g
  10. added a 2nd video for a similar design. I originally was thinking of 2 circle props but went for a bit of variety
  11. Agree with the above, you can include a simple screen shot to help. If you using the nested star prop, than pay attention to the network configuration on the right of the definition page. You have to match the starting pixels and configuration. Also, make sure your controller is set to 100 pixels per channel.
  12. i added pixels last year and started with the LOR package and added some additional pixels. This year I got braver and bought my pixels from a 3rd party and got piece parts for the controller. S5 motion effects are pretty good if you just want to animate a tree or pixels, but i was surprised how much more thought had to go into pixels. 2 16 channels controllers only make you think about 32 things. I basic pixel tree is 400 lights, all with an infinite amount of colors to choose from.
  13. i had fun working on this idea recently (the grand kids are still confused why i am working on Christmas decorations). Just thought i would share it with you. This is the video on YouTube.
  14. it is certainly possible to get the pieces, there is an exporter from xlights for lms formats. i can says it is possible because i did it, but i know there are more experts on here that can share do and don'ts. i had to do a fair amount of twiddling to get it to match my specific setup. And depending on how well the purchased one matches up to yours could be a key factor.
  15. All of this stay home stuff had me confused, thought this was tomorrow. Will catch you live for the next one...
  16. You could create them as a group and create the effort for the group. Not sure if that is what you want or not. Or you can create it for one of them and copy and paste the row to the others too.
  17. thanks for clarifying that point i might have missed. If you used one of the tree props in LOR, you can set it up to be made up 16 strings and set the color in the prop control by channel. You could also use 16 different string props. So it does depend on where you started
  18. Just confirming you dd this, in the sequence grid, double the specific prop you want (red string 1) and that should open up the prop definition. you should see a color grid, select Red and it should show red. Select it and save. Then you play it, both the grid and the preview will show red when that item is active,
  19. I have dreams about the songs i am working on.... i can't think of many that i hated afterwards, although there are the ones i wonder why I spent so much time on. The Frozen 2 theme last year was a cool song, but while everyone's favorite is Let it Go, no one knew that song (even people that had seen the movie).
  20. why "one size" never fits all as they say... I did open up a feature request to make it easier to view a portion of the preview. That would make it easier to have 3 different sections, a front, back and side and be able to just watch that portion. I could do it with visualizer but have not found a way to do it with S5 Previews...
  21. In my case, the yard is complicated (see my signature). I took four pictures and combined them into 1 large image which can show across multiple monitors. If you have a single monitor, that doesn't work as well with S5 as S4. With S4, you could scroll the picture but S5 forces it to fit to the display. The key thing is to get perspective of what your display will look like. Some people get very elaborate and draw actual things like bushes, where if its just an AC colored light string, I just draw a few lights at that spot. Almost, all of my display is AC light strings and a few pixels and the pixels are the only ones that use an actual prop layout. See this link from my FB page. I have played with the idea of using different previews for different sections but its not quite as easy as i would like. Perhaps something LOR is working on.
  22. great point, i think its a place for both. People get into this "hobby" with different skill levels and a lot of them just want to get some results to start. My whole display as a single motion effect was nothing like what i put together because i do worry about little things like should this be red or off-red. But to someone that is taking a first step, it gets results and quick and then they can start to worry about how to make it personal.
  23. This is not a commercial for S5 nor am I affiliated with LOR in any way but I do work in computer software. We recently released a version which can really change the way people do things, although a majority of our customers still do things the old way. What takes them minutes to do, knowing how to leverage the software, it could be done in seconds. I bring this up because S5 and motion effects compared to S4 is the same situation. I still use a lot of the features just like i did in the past and that still works well. Looking back, i had to decide how each light was going to work. Just for fun. i recently created a group called thewholething which as you guess was every light I had. I added 1 motion effect row and added some simple effects and that quick i was done. Of course, I get a lot of enjoyment out of the little details, but for someone just starting out, you can accomplish a lot. I read a recent comment that someone calculated the hours put in per minute of sequencing produced. You don't have to do that with S5, but you can.
  24. I see the motion effects rows as in this case, there is a spinner and 2 stars but i can't create a motion effect for the spinner as a whole for the spinner since it can be only 1 row. I don't a way to create a group from them either. I eventually just recreated the custom layout myself, so this is more for future reference
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