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  1. I just went through the same thing, the pixie8 is defaulted to 50 lights per string,. And it behaved exactly as you said when set to 50 pixels. However, once I made the change to 100 pixels, and set them all on, it worked and from then on, it has worked perfect. Mine is also 8D v4. Make sure the hardware utility is saving the change to the pixie.
  2. yes, that was remarkably easier than I expected. For a test, I just defined the tree as having 40 lights on a string and then mapped the 10 remaining to a new prop and that was it... Pretty cool. I can see how this can get addicting.
  3. An interesting topic, being new to this whole pixels thing, it made me think. I also have one of the 16X25 pixel trees and felt it was a little sparse. I would like to add more to it and was thinking I would need 8 50 sets to match the ones I have. But in reading this, I see that I can add 1 25 set to the make 3 folds. Thus, I really need just 4 sets to make 8 additional 25 pixel runs. But then I am puzzled as to how to do this since the sets come in 50. Do you cut and splice in new ends? Also, I could see maybe using 6 sets of 50 and using 2 of the 25 pixel string to do something like a star at the top, but again I am not sure how you set these up to be controlled separately. Reading the comment, its just a matter of configuration it seems so I guess if I tell LOR that there are 75 in the string for the tree, I can then create another prop that uses 76-100?
  4. for 1 and 2 - Let me start by saying that until this year, none of my lights were pixels just standard sets and I have only used LOR for 2 years. So far, I actually like the channel options in S5. I was already using visualizer so I had mapped all of my channels so this may have helped the transition. In fact, the S4 channel mappings export/import was one of the things I didn't like. When I would go to make a change such as swapping 2 channels, I had to go to every sequence and import the channels again. Since the channel import was done by simple order, I had to make sure that all of my sequence had the strings in the sequence that matched the import ( this was painful when bringing in a sequence from someone else). Now, once I make a change, all of the sequences automatically reflect it. It did take me a while to find the grid import and export in S5 which does the grid remapping to match how I want to see them. At least for me, this has helped a lot since I am new and some things are still in flux.
  5. Since i am kind of new with only 2 years expeince so far, i hear you. I started with S4 and upgraded this year but so far S5 has actually made a few things easier. I also just got a pixel tree and i can tell you what i did but i at least had some familiarity with the new concepts. I went into the sequencer. The first thing i did was expand the window in the upper right that said Preview. I created a preview with just one prop, the pixel tree, you can add it easily just click add item, and then light-o-Rama props (online) and select the pixel tree. It had the 400 light, it you more, just update the counts. It made it kind of big by default so i resized it a bit so the perspective looked more like a tree. I then saved this with a name of JustTree, but you can call it anything. I then created an animation sequence, no music which basically gave me a blank 1 minute canvas. I used the zoom time out option in the center of the screen, looks like >!< to make the minute cross the whole screen. I then clicked on the motion effect icon (colored swirl on the right) and that changed the cursor to a pencil. I then drug the first 10 seconds and let go. When you do that, the motion effect generator popped up. From there, i selected different effects, you can see them in the generator as well as to what they do, so i picked some i liked and then repeated the process for the next 10 seconds until i had 60 seconds worth. I then clicked the play icon and watched the tree animate in the preview window. That is the basic concept. You can now change it around. Doing it this way, the next thing that was nice was that when i got the pixel tree hooked up, I just had to configure the channels and hook it into the network and I was now controlling the real tree. As i noted in another post, i have it setup on a stand in the office. You can then move on the musical sequences where you start with a musical track and repeat the same process.
  6. Okay,so an answer to my own question. It does cause a problem during playback. It doesn't show the duplicates only the first one that shows in the grid shows up. But I worked it out, i had to select "Same Channel as" and then select the one that considers the 'master' prop. It may not be the first in the list alphabetically.
  7. the back story. Just light strands, not pixels and converted from S4 to S5. I had done work in Visualizer to create an image of my yard. One thing i did was to create multiple 'props' for lights that were on the same circuit. For example, i have 4 windows that were on the same circuit, so i created 4 objects, and assigned them all to the same unit and channel. After conversion to S5, the image looks good and it seems to animate correctly. But in the channel grid it shows on of them, the first which is fine. But in the preview warnings tab, for every prop i created this way, i get this error, "has an invalid master prop". I don't see any way to assign a master prop to get rid of the error.
  8. The forum worked just as planned... the support from the forum made me comfortable I was doing the right thing and your explanation also explains why restarting everything got it working. I managed to get everything else working as expected so far, being new to S5, still learning the tricks there i suspectI am one of few in a 100 mile radius that had a Christmas tree up in their office on Easter (I made a stand so i could test it indoors).
  9. thanks, that is what i thought from the instructions but it wasn't working. One of the diagrams in the doc implied it might discover it. I shut everything down and tried again and this time it was successful. It also read the sequence I made with S5 and seems to be playing although it was a simple test sequence that just turned switches on and off. It isn't doing that at the moment. Hopefully, just another bump in the learning curve...
  10. Since I am new to the forum, would this be a question I should pose as a support ticket or do they reply here?
  11. I was surprised how many people that stopped by filmed my show. But i guess that is what people do these days... I created a Facebook page to see how they look but no one posted to it. I did several on my own, adding the actual sound track later. Since recording outside just got too much background noise.
  12. I am a newbie, in that i only got into doing the LOR options 2 years ago. I was really lucky the first year and got things setup in a couple of weeks. For regular lights, i started putting things out on Thanksgiving. This last year, I did a lot of prep work, making sure lights worked, and arranging some new songs, but didn't start putting up the show until Thanksgiving. Except that people knew about my lights from the year before were already driving by. I had to do a lot of quick work, and managed to get the show up and running in about a week but it took some long hours. Mind you, my display is spread across 2 acres so its not a 10 minute job (64 channels last year). This year I bought some additional equipment and i have at least already started planning. I also plan on starting on a lot of the outside work earlier this year to not have to do in quite such a rush. Stop by my facebook page and check it out https://www.facebook.com/Magnolia-Musical-Christmas-317089092476816
  13. It all started so simple, get a pixel tree when it was on sale. Of course, i had the prerequisite hardware although my G3-MP3 was old but matched exactly what was on the doc. As expected, I do need to update the firmware but that is where I am stuck. I have the USB dongle, and i can connect and control all of the controller and the pixie8 using it. However, in order to upgrade the firmware, it says to connect to the director. If i just use the network cable from the dongle, it does not power up. But i can get it power up by connecting it one of the controllers. But I do not see it in the hardware utility. if i do refresh, it doesn't show up. I go to the firmware tab, select MP3 device, and try to update it and it doesn't find it which i more or less expected since it doesn't show up from refresh either. I suspect i am missing something?
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