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  1. ok - then it is a lot harder to tell what the issue could be. I will defer to others that might have some ideas.
  2. It seems like this question is answered based on what you said, you are trying to run the pixie8 and the old controller which is still a V2 on the same network? the pixie is going to require and enhanced (ELOR) network and the old controller an LOR network. You would need 2 cables from the computer to do this (see recent thread on similar topic)
  3. https://youtu.be/wconH3dqPxU posted a few from this year's show to my YouTube channel (these links or link in signature). https:// had to republish this one due to an upload error
  4. see note above, I had to do the same thing, and I know others ran into the same thing and its a "quick" fix from the hardware point of view. not where i can get to the setting at the moment but see this thread
  5. After trimming the length as described above, if you are using S5, you can change the media file and it will ask you if you want to reduce to the shorter length. Say yes, and then save it as a new name, a bit easier than copying and pasting. A similar technique exists in S4, but I recall I had to manually adjust the sequence length after changing it,
  6. With the pixie8, the default is 50 light strings. If you want to use some as 100, you will need to reconfigure it in the HU to 100 light strings. Then adjust your other channels accordingly as if you were using 100 in each line. After you save it, it should work as expected.
  7. I added some pixels this year - went with the LOR setup although I added to it. From the software point of view, you need Pro version and the superstar add on does make it easier for some things although not required as the Sequence editor motion effects work well too. Pixels do take a lot more thought. While 80 channels seems like a lot, but they are either on or off (of some intensity). With pixels, each one is one of thousands of colors. A lot of the people that post here, also buy pixels from other parties with different setups so a lot depends on which way you want to go. there are facebook groups for LOR displays and advanced pixels that I followed to get some ideas too.
  8. A good place to start would be what version of Lightorama are you running? Can you connect to your controller from the hardware utility?
  9. for the tree to light up in Sequence Editor, you need to start the control panel -- it should connect to the com port designated for the network the tree is on. Then launch SE and the control panel should say it is connected. Then if is setup right, you should be able to control it.
  10. Matt, I am also curious, since I was using a G3 director when I saw it, will this also be fixed?
  11. I saw a similar post - I saw the same thing - I didn't use it much so just changed it to a transition one -- I know that isn't much help but I agree it doesn't work in the show
  12. I periodically have issues writing to the SD card - it seems to get confused. What I suggest is to format the SD card first (a quick format is fine). Then write your show as you did above. It should work. You can also make a backup of the show by copying the contents from thew card to a folder on your hard drive (2019 show). That way if you want to update it later and run into other problems, you can get back to the state it was in. I run into this a lot when trying to update the show on the card (it seems more LOR related although it could be issues when removing the card so be sure to eject it after writing).
  13. I watched a bit - like us all, they put a lot of effort into their shows although mass quantities does always seem to be a bit over the top even for me. As noted above, it has some good ideas periodically and I do remember when I saw my first pixel tree....
  14. TexasLights

    Error message.

    I would be willing to spend some time to do a screen sharing web session with you to see what you have. Probably a bit late tonight but message me tomorrow and when I get a break from work, we could walk though a quick session.
  15. It depends, some controllers support it or you can do it from the preview editor for the pixel tree as noted about by adjusting the dimming curve (not both).
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