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  1. But i did just remember to get it to work, i had to play with the Network preferences dialog to set the com port i was using to support enhanced so the control panel would recognize it.
  2. i have the pixie8 and only the old adapter. I was able to do testing and sequence testing with that adapter. I ran the advanced network but at the lowest speed. For the show, i ran from the director and actually have a red adapter on my shopping list for this year so i can run both my old and new networks from my PC at the same time.v
  3. i did wonder about the Spring Sale and whether that will happen. I have a few items on my wish list that my DW would appreciate that I got on sale. But, either way, I will eventually have to show my appreciation for all the stuff you guys put together. Be Safe!
  4. I like the concept. I agree with you that I was surprised that it didn't change the whole row to the new effect. I use the picture effect a lot and I can select an set of columns and set the picture for it (although not for a matrix but pixels). But I can see that it would be nice to have both methods.
  5. if you look at the original diagram or the sample below, there are models for the spinner, the stars and even a snowflake. I am just trying to do something similar once I get it into S5. I can importthe same prop 5 times and delete the extra effect rows so I have one that is just the spinner, one for each star and one for the snowflake. I thought there might be something else possible since I am new to both the custom props and xmodel import. You can also see in the sample below, where they just wanted to program the spinner portion.
  6. I found someone had done an xmodel based on the same design. I can import it fine into S5 and I can control how the pixels are mapped out... All good... But, the xmodel has submodels for the spokes and stars, but when it imports in the preview, I get effort rows for each section of lights within the single object. I can group the whole object but I can't group the sub effects groups. I can create multiple objects, and delete the effect rows not needed but that seems like it is creating more work than needed. Again, looking for suggestions if anyone has done this. SpinnerStarFlake.xmodel
  7. So I found a couple of props in the default set, a "spokes", and "star" and also worked out how to group them with overlay to get a shape that matches what I want. But there is one thing I can't figure out. In the spokes prop, it only allows specifying the number of spokes, and pixels per. So for 16 spokes, it comes up with 16 channels with just the 12 pixels each, but I would like a better pattern, using like a 12 out and then 12 back. so I still come back to creating a custom one or importing from xlights if I can find one closer to what I want. Just want to make sure I haven't missed something.
  8. saw this in one of your other posts and a nice option. I would like a copy sent to rgnikula @msn.com. "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". thanks in advance
  9. For this year, I want to add some custom props. One that I found that looked like fun was this spinner / star combination https://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/wiki/index.php?title=StarFlake_Spinner I was trying to work out where to start. Both the Spinner and the Stars are standard props so I could create these as 3 props, the spinner, and 2 different 6 side stars. And then I guess group them into a group. But wondering if that is the right path. The custom prop looks like another option, but it seems a shame to start from scratch since the existing ones were pretty close. Just wondering how you all went about doing it?
  10. The samples are a nice edition to show some of the flexibility. I Luckily was new to pixels with a pixel tree last year and migrated to S5 so I really used a lot of the motion effects. The thing I found the most challenging and the most fun was that the settings could make a big variation in what actually happened. if you check out the my YouTube channel in my signature, you can see some of the different ways I used them.
  11. it may just be something quirky on my system, but the about box doesn't show the license key - I only mention that because the request status page says it should be. I had it elsewhere but thought I would pass it along in case one or other needed to be updated.
  12. I sometimes get things on clearance and want to try them out. Grandson was a big puppy dog pals fan so a blowup for that went up. But hey, some people just like to celebrate...
  13. yes, the meteor drop lights, they looked really nice as an accent on the rest. Wondered what kind they were and what size.
  14. Are you using motion effects? If so, just change the preview and it will adjust automatically.
  15. The key things are (a), you need to configure them in a preview and (b) group them together into a group (in your examples the 5 bells) so that you can assign a motion effect to them. (c) Then once you have a motion effect row, select the part you want to have the effect and do Shift-A (or select from the menu). You can then try the different effects and see which you like using the preview in the motion effects editor.
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