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  1. I would love a copy, thank you! John cigvich@gmail.com
  2. Could you please share. cigvich@gmail.com thanks, John
  3. James, could you send a copy please. Cigvich@gmail.com thanks, John
  4. James do you have the pixil tree and voices for this? i would love a copy if you do. cigvich@gmail.com
  5. would love to have a copy please. thank you, John cigvich@gmail.com
  6. I appreciate your kindness in helping us out, could you send me a copy of this. thank you. cigvich@gmail.com
  7. this would fit nicely on the 24th! thanks John cigvich@gmail.com
  8. love AC/DC could you send please cigvich@gmail.com
  9. Quick question, one of my older Pixcon 16 won’t show up when i go to network preferences and click on find pixcon 16. I reset it to factory default yesterday and it showed up long enough for me to almost program it for my lights. it seems to have started doing this off and on since i updated from S5.14 to version 5.2. i am thinking it may be a firmware issue with the older version because my MK 2 pixcon’s work like a champ. any help would be greatly appreciated. John
  10. Would love a copy if you have time. thank you! cigvich@gmail.com
  11. could you send me a copy please, thank you! cigvich@gmail.com
  12. Could I have a copy please. thank you, John cigvich@gmail.com
  13. Could you please send me this one, thank you. cigvich@gmail.com
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