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  1. I have a bunch of 16 channel sequences, and I just bought a 2nd controller, how can I add another 16 channels the the sequence to make it 32 channels?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I played with it today, and was able to get my lights set up in visuilation editor, looked at some of the help files on the subject, but couldn't find anything on getting it to load a sequence file.. am I missing something? one help file how to set the editor, but it said how to load the sequence file would be explain ed in another help file. I could not find that file. Thanks guys
  3. I've seen in some of the help videos wher they open a preview window with a picture of a house with light on it, when you run the show, you can see what the light are doing on the picture of the house. Is that part of LOR, or another program? I'm new to LOR, just got my Pro license a couple days ago, don't have my controller yet. Thanks
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