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  1. Paul Meikle

    pixie 16

    I cannot play a sequence on the pixie 16 Ver 1.03 have read and watched hours of vidieos Set unit id to O1 config I have smart pixels and set 100 pixels at 100 pixel logical resolution Test each string each pixel of 100 lights 1 after the other Use pixel cosole select unit id 1 (string 1) select pixie controller Push controller red on the 1st 8 pixels do not light up rest do select unit id 2 controller red on 50 pixels light up Select unit id 3 controller red on 8 pixels on unit id go off 50 pixels on #3 turn on Test sequence 16 channels string 1 plays to sequence but only on the 1st 5 pixels Iam using the latest pro version 4.3.26 software new to this and i am like dumb pixel need a bit of help have 2nd pixie 16 to get to once i get over the hurdle of number 1 Thanks
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