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  1. Ok, just to let you all know I am new to this and have never participated in a forum before. Just a little background regarding my display and my issue. My display is an indoor Christmas in the City (New York) Dept 56 with two Lionel trains. About 4 years ago I decided to try and put lights and music in the display and through the magic of LOR I was able to create a display in miniature. In no way does it compare to what you guys do but it brings some smiles to many faces. My theme is "Believe" and I give all the kids an " I Believe" button for their coat when the come to see it. So now you have an idea of my little Christmas world. I am using (1) CTB16 controller and (1) CMB24D controller. I upgraded to the PRO level software this year I believe its S4. When I first built the show I was running the standard software and everything ran smoothly. I upgraded to the PRO S4 in anticipation of adding CCP in fact, I purchased a Pixie2D with LED strips but was unable to integrate them into the display this year. That is now a future project. Now to my problem, I am experiencing the same problem as noted in this thread. When I execute the sequence I get music and no lights. I got steady lights on the controllers and I can energize the lights on the display via the control panels. If I keep opening SE and select a sequence sometimes the lights light and I can run the sequence and any other sequence. I have a total of (5) Also, it seems that this issue surfaced shortly after I installed S4. I have a HP Laptop running Windows 7. I have removed and reinstalled LOR twice with no luck. I am currently trying to setup another laptop that has windows 7 on it as well but I am having trouble getting the HU to identify the Comm port it keeps coming back with an error telling me to select a port?? I have opened many tickets with the LOR helpdesk and those poor guys probably think I'm nuts. Now I'm not as technical as you guys my IT skills regarding PC's are average but I'm persistent and will keep trying. So what do you think? Any thoughts?