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  1. 2 weeks later and still no response. So they are still available if anyone needs them.
  2. Still have these, boxed and ready for shipping. $75 for all, shipping included.
  3. I have 8 sheets of 4mm coro for creating signs, singing faces, etc. Selling for $60, includes shipping. PM me if you have questions.
  4. I have 60 Boscoyo strips for mounting 12mm pixels. NEW, never used / never mounted. I was going to build a frame around each window with 1/2" conduit, then attach the strips to the conduit with white zip ties. I don't need them anymore so I would rather not store them any longer. These are great for getting a uniform spacing of your pixels / lights. They retail for $1.40 each plus shipping. I am selling them for $75, shipping included. About .04" thick Custom blended High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic UV Inhibitor added to maintain flexibility and to prevent brittle or chalky plastic Each strip is 48" long Mounting holes are at 1" centers Splice holes are provided at 4" centers (to connect strips together) Customizable with a pair of scissors, just cut to any length Please IM me for more information.
  5. A rough estimate from the UPS website says $140 from 54935 to 04350, but that is me guessing the weights. I would need to get them packed and weighed to be sure. Let me know if this still interests you
  6. I have 4 24x24 inch singing trees for sale. They are pre-wired and include everything to connect them to an LOR network. Each face requires 8 channels, controller included. This is READY-TO-USE, no assembly required! Just need to be configured to your LOR network. I bought a bunch of LOR equipment in January / March preparing to be ready for Christmas this year, but work (travel) has kept me too busy to get started on setup and sequencing. The rest of my equipment was sold off a couple of moths ago, and this is all that is left. Includes: 4 24x24 Holiday Coro tree templates with LED bulbs (green / white / blue, NOT pixels), mounted on 2x4 inch wooden frames - extra strings (bulbs) included 1 Renard Plus 32 (channel) controller 1 Enttec Active DMX Dongle v2 (sold by Holiday Coro) with USB cable 8 CAT 5e cables (connects light strings to controller) 8 CAT 5 cable connectors 1 LOR High Speed USB to RS485 Adapter I'm asking $350 for all of it. Due to their size shipping is probably not cost effective. Actual shipping costs (TBD) would be the responsibility of the buyer if requested, but these can be picked up locally in Fond du Lac WI. Please IM me for more information. Here is a video of them after I got them set up. 24" HC Trees in Action
  7. Yes, it is still for sale. But I am away from home (working) until May 4. I'll contact you when I am home again if you are still interested.
  8. Thanks, I think that it the best option as well. I have plans to put up 8 mini trees in the yard, and I have some Candy Canes to line the walk as well. Still planning what to do in the yard to maximize the space.
  9. I was buying controllers on eBay and bought this because the price was right. Since then I started working with pixels and found I don't need as many controllers as I bought, and never was going to use the mini director or FM transmitter anyway (I had always intended to sell it). If I can get my money back out of it I will sell it. This is BRAND NEW, it has never been used in a show, it was only mounted to the wall and connected to my LOR network to verify it worked. The previous owner stated he got it as a gift (he is a party DJ) but never used it. It comes with: ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM Transmitter (+ accessories) USB 485 Adapter and USB filtered cable, and driver disk (1) CTB16PC - ReadyToGo 30 Amp 16 channel light controller, Gen3 with hw v1.09 USB Card Reader and (blank) 8GB SD Card Manuals and instructions from LOR I do NOT have a CAT5 cable or software to go with it, I already had those and wasn't concerned that they were not included when I bought it. I'm asking $425 for everything listed above, plus $25 shipping. This is what I paid for it, so if you don't like the price I will hang onto it until it gets closer to Christmas, or resell it on eBay in a few months. The LOR website lists this for $569.95, so I think this is a fair price since if you are on this site you likely already have your own software. Payable to my PayPal account only, sorry no checks. I do have 1 more CTB16PC controller I am willing to sell if you want / need 2 of them. I'll take $195 for it. Also Gen3 w/hw v1.09 I'll pay the added shipping cost if you want the second controller. I'll discuss selling the other controller separately / later (in another listing) if it does not get sold with this package. PM me with your contact info if you are interested. The units in the picture are the exact units I am selling.
  10. No phone call to worry about, I don't have one of those wife things.
  11. Nope, as you can see, there isn't much room at all.
  12. I thought about that for a bit, but I want to put the singing trees (inside) in the windows on the left side (one on top, 3 on bottom). That would be in the way of the rear projection.
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