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  1. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    BMurray thanks for that I will try that tomorrow and try and sort out the other information you've asked for thanks again
  2. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    The only writing on the unit is in the picture above which was bought from China last year the lights are 5v single colour pixels when the dip switch is on 10 (fun) the lights all operate in a random sequence so the channels seem to work but it's just not getting controlled by the laptop
  3. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    Dennis Laff sorry if I seem a bit slow but I did the sequence in Lor sequence editor In network settings I selected DMX... I selected DMX universe and as its a trial board I selected the universe 1 which I believed allowed me to set up channels 1 through to 8 (which is the sequence editors 8off positions) with each label also set as universe 1 (all 8), 1 through to 8 is this not right?
  4. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

  5. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    Dennis Laff all I have received with the unit was a basic wiring diagram and a picture of how to set the dip switch it doesn't tell me a specific start setting that I can see... Sorry. am I supposed to have the Lor 16 controller connected and then this other controller Daisy chained in some way? Or in theory can this controller be run like I have shown just using the software ? Thanks
  6. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    BMurray.... Both colours are lit in the positions I've stated but on the Number 10 fun dip switch so it looks like the single pixels will light up in all positions if that helps
  7. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    Sorry to delay BMurray I have attached the photos showing the controller controlling 4 positions of a test face when connected there are white and blue pixels the white pixels are connected to R1, G2, B3 with R4 connecting the blue pixels just tried to upload photos but they are too big I will try again tomorrow as I am in the UK and it's work in the morning ๐Ÿ™ but thanks for sticking with me
  8. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    thanks Dennis I have done what you said and set to Universe 1 but I don't seem to see a start address where should I be looking for that please? (I have also ordered an E1.31 adaptor but it hasn't arrived yet). would this be a better option ? Thank you
  9. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    I think this is where I could be missing something ....where do you set this ID ? Is it in the sequence editor (I think it's set to universe 1) but don't know where to set the start ID
  10. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    No I haven't could you explain please
  11. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    BMurray the board is just a 12way unit that accepts a dmx signal via cat5 connection from the Lor adaptor using a crossover cable
  12. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    Dennis I have made a crossover cable as described in you tube but it still doesn't work the light on the board flashes quickly which apparently means that it's receiving a dmx signal but when you play the sequence nothing happens
  13. DMX Setup Problem (Newbie)

    Hi First year trier needing help Help .... I have made a singing Father Christmas Face which I was hoping to control with a LOR sequence on the laptop, BUT no matter what I try it does not seem to control the lights in any sort of order The set up is made with 5v single colour pixels, which I have taken back to the controller (8 single Channels), with all common legs connected together (V+) I have the fixture connected as shown with dip switch set at 1 Can somebody please talk me through the LOR sequence set up to get it to โ€œtalkโ€ to this unit, as I must be doing something wrong Please help me to setup the correct procedure as i am a complete LOR newby and am trying to use mainly DMX for the singing face Thank you for any help with this problem