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  1. echris

    learning pixel editor

    so the pixie controllers be pretty good to start with . an so the way im under standin some things is with the inttec I can only run one universe off of it . would it bet if I got anthor usb485 adapter then too.
  2. echris

    learning pixel editor

    sorry im not good at this typin stuff lol . right now iv been playing around with the enttec dmx usbpro . witch is controlling a dmx-spi decoder have ben running 150 ws2811 off it has ben working fine but wanting to do more . just didn't wana spend a lot ofmoney on stuff ididnt need . any help a direction would be great im in saint Jacob il
  3. was wanting to do more with the pixel lights an using the pixel editor was wounding whats the easiest an simplest set up for controllers to use