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  1. Thanks for this Brian, super helpful. I tried the LOR singing faces steps and I receive and error in SS when trying to load the 4 faces. I am receiving an error trying to open SingingFacesSinglePixelImages.scb. I looked the the directory (Light-o-ramam\Superstar\Clipboard\System and it is not there. Can you tell me how to download it or can you send it to me at Mastersonp24@gmail.com Thank you
  2. Thanks Brian, this sounds really cool. Any potential to make this available for the prior version (v4 (4.4.4))? There are many of us not ready to make the leap yet that would love to have this option. Thanks
  3. Hi Jams, can I have a copy please? Thank you Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  4. Hi, could I get a copy of this JR? Thanks Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  5. Hi, could I get a copy of this JR? Thanks Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  6. Hi JR, could you share this sequence with me please? Paul Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  7. I love the videos that folks have shown with CCR (12 or16) trees in them. They seem to be able to capture a story better since the pictures are more visible than what I attempt on my 16x25 LOR pixel tree. I'm looking to get a package with everything included but where I get confused is between LORs offering and ones from others like Coro that have DMX in the name. What are others running in a LOR only set-up and what would you suggest be my entry point into it? Also, how tall/wide are these typically? Thanks in advance
  8. could I get a copy of this as well. Thank you mastersonp24@gmail.com
  9. would love a copy as well, thank you Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  10. Hi, would love a copy as well. Thanks Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  11. Hi all It's down to the wire now and I made some great progress converting last years display to now incorporate 2 pixel trees. Unfortunately, I am (3) songs behind for the launch on Saturday and was hoping anyone with pixel incorporated sequences might be able to share the following: - Rudolph (Gene Autry) - Frosty (Willie Nelson) - Christmas vacation If the artist singing is not right, that's Ok, I'll work to convert. I'm just being realistic at this point knowing that the next few days are not enough to complete the plan for this year. Any help available would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Here is a picture of my screen, notice that the grid is on top of my tree and sideways (top of the tree is on the left side). How do I change the grid so that it: 1) is turned so the top is really the top 2) expanded so I can create effects that flow off the tree (To accommodate spirals) 3) moved to the side of my tree where there is wasted space Thanks in advance *feeling like such a newbie*
  13. Ok, I finally finished it and I am satisfied with my first attempt. Not the best as there are still some SuperStar techniques that I can't get right yet (spinning color spirals by locking the top of the tree and having it run to the bottom and spin around the tree). More than happy to share the SUP if folks are interested. If you do know how to do the techniques I mentioned below and it's not to difficult to email the steps, would love to add it to the knowledge bank :). Thanks
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