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  1. Spiral Tree Effect

    try this link look at about 37-42 sec mark also around the 4:30 min. Mike
  2. Spiral Tree Effect

    Here is a video of my spiral trees they come on about the 1:00 min mark, also the 1:35 min. https://vimeo.com/home/myvideos/page:2/sort:date/format:video This is what I am looking for on the CCR maybe not as active maybe 1 or 2 strings going around. Mike
  3. Spiral Tree Effect

    This will be used on a 12 strip CCR pixel tree. The effect I am looking for is like the standard 16 string spiral tree, but instead of wrapping the strip around the tree make it look like it is twisted. Hope I am making myself clear. Also making what I call a wave effect where it starts at the top & sort of twists across the CCR. Mike
  4. Spiral Tree Effect

    New to SuperStar & was wondering if I could do a Spiral effect with SuperStar Sequencer. Mike
  5. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    bit the bullet and bought superstar. Mike
  6. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    Looking at using xLights to do the sequencing it is free. I have been a long time LOR user but seems like everything you want to do they want more money. Mike
  7. SuperStar Sequencer License Question

    $199 is way out of my budget. Guess I bought a boat anchor from Holiday Core, back to square one & spend $1400 to redo my mega tree. Mike
  8. I am currently a license for Sequence editor v. 4.3.18 Advanced with SuperStar Demo. What I want to do is upgrade so I can use instant sequence in SuperStar in my show this year. I have 1- 12 strip pixel tree, w/50 pixels per strip. So what license do I need to buy? Thanks Mike
  9. Sleigh Ride by Johnny Mathis?

    email sent Mike
  10. Sequence Help Needed

    Thanks but really looking for the Burl Ives version. I will keep this in mind though. Mike
  11. Sequence Help Needed

    I have added a 12 strip pixel tree to my display for this year & purchased Burl Ives - You're a mean one Mr. Grinch for the tree. My problem is I am having a hard time sequencing the rest of the display, been using LOR sequencer for 9 years & just can not figure this one out. 4 arches 12 mini trees 2 spiral trees, 12 RGB dumb strips on roof. These are the major items I need help with. Anyone have the sequence you could send me that may help. Thanks Mike
  12. Sequence Downloads

    thanks these will help Mike
  13. Sequence Downloads

    A few years ago I bookmarked a site that had Christmas sequences you could download for free. Do not remember if it was a LOR site or maybe something like High country. Any one help me out? Thanks Mike
  14. New Sequence Help

    Did an upgrade today to 4.3.18 & was able to get everything setup. Imported 2014 channels then added 12 universes one for each string in the tree. Then opened a new sequence & opened the downloaded Pixel tree sequence, copied the 12 string sequence. Then was able to paste into new sequence with 2014 channels. Before I pasted the sequence I saved the new channels as 2017 channels so I can use them in the future. Thanks for all the help now time to get to work with the sequencing. Mike
  15. Upgrade Sequencer

    Downloaded the update today & now using 4.3.18 advanced. Thanks everyone for the help. Now time to get to work. Mike