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  1. Mr. P Thank you so much now I understand. Never thought of that, I new there was a simple solution I was staring at it but never hit me till it was explain what I was doing wrong. Will address this issue first thing in the morning, also sorry for a late response work late hours to 2am. Let you know how it goes and Thank You again, can't wait to see my grandson eye's when all the lights work independently . Thank You.
  2. Hello Fellow Light-o-rama Forums, for two months been rattling my brain programing my new pixie 16. 1 LOR controller pixie 16 is set for the matrix the 2nd LOR pixie 16 is for 3 arch's and the rest 13 little trees. The problem no matter how I try to address each controller or configure and have assigned ID's , when running the sequence both will play the same sequence or one will override the other sequence. I have set props in pixel editor and sequence both separately, but for some reason whatever I sequence for the matrix will play over on the 3 arch's and 13 little trees and also if I make changes whatever I sequence for the 2nd LOR will play over the matrix. What am I doing wrong, would like both LOR pixie 16 to work independently, can't seem to address both to work independently. I know there is a simple solution I'm doing something wrong or addressing incorrectly but what am I doing wrong. Thank you William floridawhitecaps@outlook.com
  3. I have another questions and issue now. for some reason the sequence from the pixie editor is sending commands to my 2 regular LOR receiver's. Why is that. Each unit is identify separately, I am missing something a step somewhere I just don't understand. I will run the show what I have now, but if have an answer I greatly appreciated . Thank you.
  4. Dennis, Thank you replying to my issue, however I just resolved the problem. Updated the firmware to the old receivers using CTB 16PC G3 v 1.09 from light o rama. u would not believe the excitement that came over me, a 50ty old man jumping around with his dog 2am in the morning everything come into sequence, woke the whole house to come see the lights. Thank you again, can't wait to see my grandson eyes when he see's the lights on.
  5. Having the same issue, first time using pixie lights. Have 2 regular LOR and 2 Pixie16. Changed network configuration over and over same results 2 will work the other 2 will not. First time I ever missed my deadline running my show. Please can any help.
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