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      Fire at LOR in Glens Falls, NY   01/17/2018

      A fire has broken out in the same building that houses the main LOR offices.  More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.  


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  1. Pixel Tree sequences

    I'm looking for 16 strip sequences to use as a base for a show I'm composing for ETCH in Knoxville, TN. Any sequences would be appreciated with the understanding of course I will need to be able to purchase the music for records. This is a nonprofit organization. Any suggestions or experiences on this subject are also appreciated. Thank you johnsshadowii@gmail.com
  2. Reflective Material for Wreaths

    Luckily in the way of light placement, there are six 7ft foot tall roofed front porch scenes below so I will have a flood on top of each to better the angle of illumination. I had thought about garland but I'm afraid of looking on the low side of what is being displayed at this particular show. I see many tule wreaths that would fit in, it's just finding the right stuff. I agree with you on the closeness if the lights also. Thank you for the input.
  3. Looking for ideas on reflective/iridescent materials for use on 3ft wreaths that I will be constructing out of the materials. I have a large black curtained area I will be hanging the 6 wreaths on and would like to illuminate using my LOR 10w floods, just below facing the wreaths, for effect. Prefer white, would like for the colors to reflect from my floods. I've seen several types of materials just have no experience yet using the materials. Atrached curtained area located behind the trees.
  4. Reflective Material for Wreaths

    My apologies this should have been posted in The Midway.
  5. I would love anything and recommendations for a show in works for Children's Hospital November 2018. Yes lots of planning ahead. Thanks in advance! johnsshadowii@gmail.com