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  1. MattMac

    Show Editor doesn't work properly

    Awesome, I will try that. Thanks for the help!
  2. MattMac

    Show Editor doesn't work properly

    I have the two animation sequences under the “Animations” tab and the musical sequence under the “Musical” tab. I only have the basic license version, so I can’t even use the other tabs at this point.
  3. MattMac

    Show Editor doesn't work properly

    Hello All - I've put together a small show for this year (first year using LOR). It consists of 2 animation sequences and 1 musical sequence. I've added all these to the show in Show Editor, and then I've set the schedule to play this show. Here's where the issue comes in: At the prescribed time, the show begins to play, however, it only plays the musical sequence over and over again. It won't play either of my animation sequences, so it just repeats the same 3-minute song over and over again. Am I doing something wrong? The control panel log even says "starting animation..." but the next line says "Loading compressed sequence" and then "Starting Musical." It's as if it just skips over the animations. How do I get the show to play all of my sequences, and not just the musical sequence? Thanks!
  4. MattMac

    Basic light setup

    Hey everyone - Very easy question: Even though I should have known better, I waited until the last minute to start creating a sequence/show (brand new to LOR). I'm going to spend the next several days creating my show, but in the meantime, I still want my lights to be turned on. So my question is, does LOR have a basic on/off function? For example, program the controller to turn on all channels at 6pm then turn off all channels at 10pm? I thought I had a solution by creating a short sequence ( a few seconds) with every channel turned on, and put this into the schedule editor. But when I tested it last night, the lights continued to stay on after the programmed "off" time. I'm probably missing something simple, but I'm still learning my way around the entire LOR software. I only need this solution for the next week or so while I actually create a show, but I don't want to be the only dark house on the street while I'm creating the show! Thanks for indulging a procrastinating newbie... -Matt