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  1. You guys are 1000% correct. I've only run one song on reduced power and it ran flawlessly. Its been a busy day so I haven't had the chance to run my power injection yet. And Yes I've decided to inject and save my other controllers for something else. I didn't want to spend the time outside to cut and splice my strings. I have tons of 3 pin connectors so I just made some inline connecters that inject the power after the first string of lights. For anyone that has ever added a plug and play trailer harness its kind of the same concept. Grounds are tied together but the POS+ is separate. I'll get
  2. This is a very true statement. I only say that's my plan because I have 3 extra setups ready to go. Its faster and the reprogramming is easy and can all be done in the warmth of my living room. Well minus the controller. Thats outside ;-)
  3. I understand the power issue that is brought up. Rather then injecting I think I'll break the tree in half and use two controllers and two full sets of power supplies. It'll be much faster then adding 15 more sets of wires. My demand was never to go full white. I'm not sure how or why even with a power drop would they go full white and remain full white until I physically disrupt the power to the controller. That doesn't make any sense to me..
  4. I asked this question on Facebook and after trying all the replies am still having this issue. Here's the issue. Most of my sequences will cause my mega tree to go all white once I put any kind of large demand on the controller such as fast flashes or all lights on. I've tried jockeying with the power supply voltage, I've made large changes to the sequences with less demands and still no luck. A little back ground. The controller is a Pixie 16 V4. Its powered by Twin 12v x 30amp power supplies. I'm using a USB485HS adaptor and the controller is on its own 500k enhanced network. 15 strings wit
  5. I think my board just gave out. Swapped out the board and the new one is fine. The New style pixie 16 have two separate banks. You can actually run both 5v and 12v on the same controller so long as all the lights use the same protocol. One side would be 5v and the other would be 12v. My previous board was all 5v for Halloween but for some reason when I switched to 12v it didn’t like it. Oh well. All is good now.
  6. So here’s my deal. I have two Pixe 16 controllers that I had hooked to 5v power supply’s for my Halloween display. During my swap out for Christmas I had to change the power supplies out for 12v since all of my Christmas props are 12v. The HM is seeing the controllers but none of the lights will work while running test on them. Is there something I may have missed? I don’t see why I’d have to do anything while from just changing over the power supplies. Any help is welcome. I’m done messing with them for the night. I’ll give it another try tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yup it was programming. I made some adjustments to the one song and it’s working flawlessly now.
  8. I’ve been watch this most of the night. It seem to be linked to the beginning of The song Thriller. Something in the beginning of that song messes it up and it doesn’t recover. Time to rewrite it a little different and see if it comes back.
  9. All of my strings are 12v s and less then 100 nodes per run. I’m running 500k speed enhanced. I’m using the G3 MP3 Director with built in clock. It does it while using the the Stand alone and while plugged into my laptop.
  10. I’m trying to get my show running. I’m using a Pixie 16 (4 of them really) all pixels nodes. I keep having issues with a few strings that will turn white during a song and very rarely go back to following commands. Most times I have to unplug and then replug the controller to get them to act right again. I had this issue with pixel strips so I changed everything to nodes. I’ve changed the wiring from the controller to the sting and even swapped out the controller. Power supply is all that is left unless it’s something in my programming that messes it up. Has anyone else had this issue before.
  11. Perfect. I knew there had to be a way to do this. Thank you.
  12. I'm working on a few different sequences right now. For a few of the props, I have acquired sequences from other sources that already have the beat, or light sequences I want to use. However the colors aren't correct. Does anyone know how the change the RGB color of either entire rows or just select a part of the row and change just the color within the row. I don't want to change the on/off or fades since they are how I want them. I know I could go through and change every single one manually but It would be nice to just adjust colors on a row rather then each action. Any help would be great
  13. The network setting were the issue. If you change the network settings mark sure your other controllers are compatable. If they aren’t you have to go back to the slower network and run firmware updates on them. Thank you Pixel God (dibblejr)
  14. I own 4 of the second Gen Pixie 16's. My issue is when I go in to the sequencer (S5) I can not get the sequencer to control my pixie controllers. It runs my flood lights and my older 16 channel controllers just fine. I can get every string to work while using HU on all 4 pixie 16 units. I can change the colors of individual strings and everything seems to work great in HU. I have assigned one of the controllers with Unit # 50. In the S5 sequencer I have gone into the preview and assigned the unit with the same starting Unit # 50. The sequencer then auto fills all the remaining channels. The U
  15. Does anyone know if there are any videos of the much lesser cost moving heads. I’m interested in running some and I understand they won’t be anywhere near as bright as the $1000 lights. Just wanted to see some in action. Like Obejohninobe said I’m just looking for some added effect I’m not trying to blind airplane pilots as they fly over head.
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