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  1. I have the uMP3g3 and was hoping to run my shows off of this but just realized I need an external timer for it. I'm doing a simple 16-channel setup right now so just one controller. The manual shows a standard wall timer as the graphic to represent an external timer, is that all that's needed? If I set the show to auto play, when the timer comes on and powers the controller will the show just start running? I'm doing all LEDs so I'm guessing I can plug both sides of my controller unit into a splitter and plug that into the simple wall timer. for next year I plan to use the G3-MP3 director. Is this a reasonable plan for a small show where I don't want to have a laptop connected?
  2. Also, try to crop your image to remove all extra white space outside your shape. If you have 10% on each side as empty space and scale that across multiple sheets you'll have a fair amount of wasted space.
  3. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/print-large-image-multiple-pages-4-steps-using-microsoft-paint I found this quick article about how to scale an image to print on several sheets of paper. I took a a 400x400px image of a tree and printed it on six sheets which I'll then trim and tape for an outline to trace onto my coroplast sheet from home depot. I did it all with microsoft paint, freely installed with windows
  4. Gen3 Mini Director timer question

    Got it all up and running today i have it set to run as soon as it gets power and a simple outdoor wall timer. No speaker yet. Funny little aside, I had about 20s sequenced of the first song and about two mins of the second. The first would play just fine but I couldn't get the second sequence to start. Redid the card a few times. Tried that sequence on its own and it did fine. But wouldn't start as the second sequence in the show then I realized it was probably finishing the four mins of the first song I didn't sequence yet so I set a stopwatch on my phone and waited. Sure enough, right on cue the second sequence started. Heh.
  5. SPT 1 OR SPT 2?

    I made some cords out of SPT-2. When doing so I learned to be careful to just push the wire in and not pull along the wire when it's touching the teeth. Of the first eight I made, two did not work when I hooked them up. when I took them apart I had a tooth laying flat under the wire instead of having bit in.
  6. Looking For Bulk Nodes?

    this. I had a $278 order that I got for $220.
  7. So... I was watching the Colts BIlls game while putting nodes on a star. I wasn't paying attention and the "zip tie" I cut was actually the wiring. I was going to have to cut and solder and some point anyway, just didn't want to do it yet I'm looking at components online, are there any weatherproof connectors that don't require soldering? Meaning I just put the wires into the terminal and crimp it down? I see a lot of pig-tails leading into the male and female connectors, but can't find just the terminal. I'm used to making RJ45 cat5 cables, but for weatherproofing do I just need to get the pigtail and cut/solder the end of my runs into the pigtails? Are those heat-shrink soldering strips worth it from holidaycoro? Seems much easier for a novice soldier-er like me.
  8. Splicing RGB pixel node wires

    OK, just bought some and some off-spec pixnode strips. I'm cheap... I have four bags of harbor freight purchases in the garage to sort through as it is. This is expensive and addicting! I need to set some boundaries for myself. edit... should have bought on amazon with free shipping and lower cost
  9. hdpe

    Jtomason, how did you make the candy canes? Those look awesome.
  10. hdpe

    thanks for the examples! I am planning to do two by running RGB tape through it though I like the thought of just poking a pixel through also. Did you glue them in place or did they just hold themselves in with the right size hole? Any ideas on how to construct two circles? I love that effect of chasing around circles but not sure how to do the construction side of it.
  11. hdpe

    Anyone use it to diffuse pixels and get more of a soft look to the points of light? I bought a sheet of white acrylic yesterday and having the RGB tape about 1" away gives a nice solid color band. Hoping to test it better soon.
  12. How to add sequence?

    Right there with you
  13. I'm looking to make a large Rgb pixel star, Christmas trees, and some other simple props. When designing these, do you make them to fit the light strands you have, or cut the strands to fit the prop? Or do you just keep wrapping until the whole strand is used? The star i built followed someone's idea but it used an 18' rope light and really has about a 17'5" border. Looks good, but I'm intending to make it out of pixels. The strands I got seems to be about 12.5' long (not here yet). Can I use two strands and cut the second one when I've used enough? They are ws8211 12v ones. I've seen where if you cut a strand you need to add a resister to account for the lost voltage drop from losing loads, is this true for pixels also? i have a lot of balls in there air trying to figure things out and physically creating the prop is the next hurdle. Any suggestions appreciated!
  14. As I keep starting my posts with, I'm new into this but trying to ramp up quickly. I'm going to start with LED lights and some smart pixel strands. I've got my white LED arches doing what I want in SE and have a star in SuperStar doing what I want there, but I haven't purchased a license for SS yet. Eventually I'll have a pixel tree and it looks like SS is the way to go for editing that, correct? Just trying to see which license I'll need. Also, if doing a pixel matrix should I be using pixel editor for that? I want to do a jumbotron style display. Finally, how I do merge everything into a single show? I have the same audio file loaded into SE and SS, once I buy a license is it easy to merge them? I read somewhere you can only have one musical sequence in a show which worries me since both my SE and SS files have an audio track merged. I suppose I could just delete one track when it's done, but just trying to figure it all out.
  15. Sequence Editor and SuperStar Sequencer combo?

    Thanks so much. Sounds like I'll get the SS license then, it makes more sense to me whereas pixel editor I just scratch my head when I'm in there.
  16. hdpe

    update, they quoted me $10 shipping and it ended up being $19.50 for 50' of tubing. Not horrible I Guess but double what they quoted which was annoying. It did ship same day though.
  17. UN-Updating Props?

    Do you have an online backup that may have stored a different version of your file from last year? like idrive or carbonite?
  18. learning pixel editor

    Tagging for interest. Not a whole lot of tutorials out there
  19. hdpe

    https://www.mcmaster.com/#50375K61 i just bought 50 feet. Said it would ship same day
  20. I've read the tutorial several times and watched a few videos and still a bit confused, hoping you guys can set me straight. I am trying to build a cross that has 9 strings of lights (channels) and then a strobe channel with a bulb at each end. I created 10 fixtures in visualizer and it works, but I think I still did it incorrectly. I have the same number of fixtures as I do props. Or is that typical until you associate all fixtures as one prop? I want to be able to group the cross together and save it as one prop but can't figure out how to do that based on where I'm at. Did I do something wrong in creating each new strand as a new fixture?
  21. are you asking if my prop channels in visualizer match the channels in sequencer? If so, yes (at least I think so). Circuit 1 in visualizer is channel 1 on SE and so on, and they have identical names. I deleted the "strobes" channel since I didn't use that in visualizer so they are identical now but that didn't change anything. As it plays in sequencer i see the channels highlight in the appropriate order but in Visualizer they all just slowly fade in at the same time. Edit: figured it out. I was viewing the whole cross as a fixture made up of 10 light strands and I Think I was defining it as 10 overlapping channels. I redid the visualizer and made 10 separate fixtures that I'll associate as one prop. I now see that each fixture that I Draw can have multiple channels in case I want to run several different light strands to illuminate diff color using different channels in sequencer. Oh, and I see the "intensity" adjustment is how to still see white lights without using a ridiculous picture of me burning weeds in a grape arbor It's slowly coming together Edit, not quite there but I'll post in visualizer for help
  22. I'm quite new to this, but I thought I had it figured out based on a simple sequence to light up a cross from bottom to center, then center to ends of top and sides. Eventually I'll pulse a strobe at the end but haven't added that channel yet. When I run it in sequence editor it seems to do it correctly as I watch the channels light up. Then I tried to move it to visualization editor and each string seems to be coming on at the same time instead of the delay as in sequence editor. Can anyone spot my issue? My background image is an absurd one, I couldn't get a blank screen to display where I could see the white cross so I just picked a random image. Probably should have made a black square for the image, but oh well. I can only get the first 8 channels to appear on the first image but they are named identically in both programs. Is this enough information or do you need more? Edit: I see this should probably be in visualizer section, sorry
  23. general smart RGB question

    I'm just starting out with LOR and am pretty excited. I want to recreate these singing pumpkin effects but haven't seen anything to give such good resolution. Is this done with smart RGB pixels or something else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pdnPCMFdjY Secondly, can I make a grid of smart pixels and then address each pixel to create text displays using the pixie controllers? thanks!