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  1. Knightgod

    Music but no lights

    Thanks Duck.. I hadn’t bothered looking at my speed/enhanced settings for channels as I wouldn’t thought they would change without being forced on my end. I will definitely recheck those settings after I get back from office.
  2. Knightgod

    Music but no lights

    Thank you for your response to my post SH. Unfortunately, “control lights” are checked, as they have always been and the channels are configured and appear on the SE as they have always been. I suppose I’m SOL for this years Xmas show until I get it str8. I’ll just keep plug’n away.
  3. Knightgod

    Music but no lights

    Only thing I’ve altered or added this season is an attempt on a Pixi16D controller. Added “but not currently connected “ as a 4th Unit ID so I could test some sequencing created on SS. That’s only thing I’ve done since the show of last year.
  4. Knightgod

    Music but no lights

    Yes, HU closed before opening SE. Showing COMM listening (blue square) bottom right of SE displayed. Solid green light inside all 3 CTB16’s. Have tried operation of individual CTB’s with SE and just music/no lights
  5. Hello all, running show for a few years now. Put up and out everything as usual but SE not showing any lights. HE finds controllers and will operate lights but SE will not. Norton and WiFi is off as usual. COMM3 and channel configs all the same. SE v4.3.24 Pro 3 CTB16 PCG3’s Frustrated and panicking, thanks for any advice.