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  1. My story is this, I bought the Alphapix 4 from Holidaycoro, before purchase I read everything on it. Their claim that the RS485 works on LOR controllers well it does not! Being LOR uses Blue for DMX + and Blue/White DMX negative just simply isn't cutting it. it's now Wednesday, no way of coming up with a LOR USB dongle because I am disabled and the next income cycle is not until late December. I wanted the CTB16PC to run my icicle lights it is the only reason I bought it! I emailed Holidaycoro and asked for support on this issue, I get a canned email stating alphapix no longer supports LOR driving signal. I cannot explain my anger and disappointment. I would have never bought an expensive pixel board if this was the case. You can go to their website and see they state it will drive LOR, even in their Knowledge base. They go through a detailed explanation how LOR works with alphapix and standard DMX, yet I can even get it to even communicate with it. So, I am pretty much screwed having a CTB16PC controller I can't even use and might as well be a boat anchor since it has about the same use in my predicament. I cannot afford to buy the 43 dollar usb connection because I am on a fixed income. Alphapix will run 30 channel dumb rgb boards all day long but not LOR. Is there anyone that is experienced with alphapix, ( I know holidaycoro isn't the manufacturer but like any dealer they jtag their own firmware on it. Is it possible that if I reset it to factory will this then drive the LOR controller? Is there any way of DIY'ing a connection to the controller? I hope this does not result in me having to pawn something in order to get LOR to work. This is just bad no matter what you sell if you can't provide at least a universal DMX communication. Not even LOR's website states you have to use their stuff to connect one of their controllers, LOR and DMX should be native. I don't know how any business can be disingenuous about their products and expect me not to be angry. Forgive my brash post but if I weren't on a fixed income, this post would not even exist because I would simply have money to get what ever. Any help would be appreciated!