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  1. Hi JR, For some reason this didn’t come through... could you try knockout999@yahoo.com? appreciate it! John
  2. Hey everyone, bought dumb RGBs from wowlights for some singing faces. Is it ok to just simply cut to length or will I be forever damaging the 75 bulb string? Tried searching on the forum with no luck...
  3. Daughters are obsessed with this LOR sequence. Could you share for my show? thefather99@gmail.com thanks!
  4. Wife's favorite song! Gotta pay her back somehow to the time I put into this.....I must add this: thefather99@gmail.com Thank you so much.
  5. Would love a copy! Just got faces going and want to incorporate to the show this year. thefather99@gmail.com
  6. Would love a copy! Just got faces going and want to incorporate to the show this year. thefather99@gmail.com
  7. Would love to take a look at this sequence? Thefather99@gmail.com
  8. Ooo, would love a copy for my two and four year old: thefather99@gmail.com
  9. That solved it! I had to do 1-25 on the prop for the first arch then 26-50 for the next arch. I guess I forgot the 1-25 represents 75 pixels. Thanks!
  10. It's the standard CCR-II from LOR 150 LED - 3 LEDs per pixel. But yes, the whole strip goes through two arches. It's quite possible I am interpreting Pixel/LED/Nodes/start circuits/end circuits all wrong.... Thought I played around with that though.... Hence me being a NEWB.
  11. NEWB here using LOR. I have a Pixcon16 controller going to some leaping arches using CCR's-II strips. Since the strips are so long, I have them in two arches. In the Pixcon config, I put that I have 150 pixels and had to change the RGB order (probably because of factory wiring?). When using the test on/off button "red, green, blue", etc the two arches work fine and are the correct color. Within Pixel Editor, I created the props and for the arches I put in start circuit of 1 end circuit of 75 and for the second did start circuit 76, end circuit 150. Here is where it gets weird. The first arch works perfectly how I would expect. Correct color, etc. the second arch is a totally different color that I cannot seem to correct even by changing the channel order (RGB). Any one know what I might be doing wrong?
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