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  1. Thank you so much James!!!!! Do you happen to have a standard sequence as well? And or CCR/RGB Arches I had found another sequence on auschristmaslighting.com but its in a xlights format. I have been trying to convert it but just having bad luck doing so
  2. If Still available could I please get a copy of this? I would be very much appreciative boobeagle@gmail.com
  3. I was running one controller plugged into one extension cord on one outlet. I have no divided that into two extension cords to outlets different circuits. No change. Everything else I’ve checked seems to be working correctly. Is it possible I’m overloading my network? I’ve noticed that when everything is running is when I seem to start having problems. But only on this controller. And this is comptroller ID 01. Everything is on one network as of right now. Enhanced at 5000 K I think it is. I’m at work right now so I don’t remember the speed but it supposed to be the max speed except for pixcon. I am running 8 g3 16 channel controllers 5 pixie 2s 1 pixie 16 1cmb 24 8 cmf50 50 w floods
  4. Has anyone ever tried to convert these over to LED? I am running almost 100 of these things!
  5. Not sure how to word this question so here it goes Tonight while playing my show I noticed something strange. One of my 16 channel controllers is only playing the lights at about 50% power or less. Channels 1-8 are playing correctly but channels 9-16 are playing very dim. After the show was completed tonight I ran the HU program and went through everything. The same channels I had problems with work just fine in the HU So I started the show again just to see if it was just a glitch. Nope same thing again. This is happening throughout the whole show of 16 songs. Any guesses?
  6. Double check each of your unit IDs. I found out the hard way when purchasing new items this year it had instructions to change unit IDs via the HU. As it turns out those instructions are outdated.
  7. Thanks for the help. I Had to work all day yesterday and was in a hurried panic trying to get this up and running. I decided to delete S-5 and reinstall s-4 Problem solved!!! I will have to try messing with s-5 after the season when I have more time to devote to it
  8. OK....I thought this might have been the problem but no...... Network is set Enhanced at 500k Yep the *.lid file was created and is in the sequence folder. Im at a loss on this. I went back to my S-4 puter and played the sequence. Yep everything is in working order and after the last track there is an additional track that says PE PROPS. in a teal blue color. Copied the sequence onto a flash drive and put it in the sequence folder on the S-5 laptop. When I copied the sequence I made sure I copied everything. *.lms *.lms.lcs *.lms.lsv and *.lms.pe.lid So I have everything Now on the S-5 puter I loaded the sequence. S-5 automatically upgrades the sequence.... When I play the sequence the *.lid portion does not play. I did verify that I did copy the original *.lid Pulling my hair out trying to figure this out
  9. Hey Everyone!! Well I started the season in my neighborhood tonight with a really great show! The People passing by didnt notice anything but I sure have a large problem. Several of my sequences were created with PE (Pixel Editor) and have intensity files associated with the sequences. However those sequences do not seem to be loading the intensity files when playing the show Ive searched the forums and searched the net but cant find the solution. Im sure its pretty simple but I need help. All sequences were created on another PC They were then transferred to a laptop that runs the shows. The show computer is running S5 PRO. I upgraded all the sequences and saved them as *.loredit I the created the playback files. Did I miss a step???? Please help Playing from PC Showtime 5 Pro
  10. Depending on the amount of lights and what kind you are using......LED vs Incandescent. I have 1 channel that simply turns on lights all over the place but they are all LED light strings and LED standard light bulbs and LED floods. I even changed out the blowmold lights to LED. However most of the standard household LED light bulbs dont react well to rapid on and off or fading. But if the channel just turns them on for the duration of a song then it should be no problem!
  11. Son of a &#+{*+*#{%**#]]~££||/&&))$ lol. There’s been a lot of swearing lately Thanks guys. I appreciate the quick response. Not sure if I’ll get to fix them tonight or not. Due to possible rain and snow mix
  12. So I have my new pixie twos. Five of them in total. I set the unit ID of each one through the hardware utility. I did each one individually and tested throughout all of them. Then I unplugged everything and installed them where and how I want them. Now that I’ve plugged everything back in all IDs for all units are 01. According to what I read the unit IDs for a pixie two are set by the hardware utility. Instead are there dip switches that I need to mess with?
  13. Can you link which lights you bought. Or take it or post a picture. It kind of depends on what kind of lights you bought just the bulbs? Or did you buy fixtures. I burned out most of my Flood LEDs last year that were all purchased at Lowe’s or online. Some just can’t handle fading or dimming, or rapid on and off like a strobe for very long. This year I upgraded to 8 50 W floods from LOR. Also 8 10w floods from LOR.
  14. I have one street light across from my driveway. Another street light kitty corner from me. I live on a corner lot. And another street light in my neighbors yard. My house is lit up on three sides from streetlights. I can’t do anything about the light across from my driveway and across the corner from me but the one in my neighbors yard I turn that one into a fire stick LOL
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