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  1. trooperblazer

    How to turn on more lights

    Depending on the amount of lights and what kind you are using......LED vs Incandescent. I have 1 channel that simply turns on lights all over the place but they are all LED light strings and LED standard light bulbs and LED floods. I even changed out the blowmold lights to LED. However most of the standard household LED light bulbs dont react well to rapid on and off or fading. But if the channel just turns them on for the duration of a song then it should be no problem!
  2. trooperblazer

    Pixie 2 help

    Son of a &#+{*+*#{%**#]]~££||/&&))$ lol. There’s been a lot of swearing lately Thanks guys. I appreciate the quick response. Not sure if I’ll get to fix them tonight or not. Due to possible rain and snow mix
  3. trooperblazer

    Pixie 2 help

    So I have my new pixie twos. Five of them in total. I set the unit ID of each one through the hardware utility. I did each one individually and tested throughout all of them. Then I unplugged everything and installed them where and how I want them. Now that I’ve plugged everything back in all IDs for all units are 01. According to what I read the unit IDs for a pixie two are set by the hardware utility. Instead are there dip switches that I need to mess with?
  4. trooperblazer

    Flood lights

    Can you link which lights you bought. Or take it or post a picture. It kind of depends on what kind of lights you bought just the bulbs? Or did you buy fixtures. I burned out most of my Flood LEDs last year that were all purchased at Lowe’s or online. Some just can’t handle fading or dimming, or rapid on and off like a strobe for very long. This year I upgraded to 8 50 W floods from LOR. Also 8 10w floods from LOR.
  5. trooperblazer

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    I have one street light across from my driveway. Another street light kitty corner from me. I live on a corner lot. And another street light in my neighbors yard. My house is lit up on three sides from streetlights. I can’t do anything about the light across from my driveway and across the corner from me but the one in my neighbors yard I turn that one into a fire stick LOL
  6. trooperblazer

    Summer Sale - TryForFree 2018

    I think I read somewhere that they would not announce the try for free winners until all orders were processed and shipped. I think. I could be wrong. I keep checking every day to see if there’s an announcement for the winners hoping that my name is on it but as yet nothing. They may still be processing and shipping orders out.
  7. trooperblazer

    New and need 16 channel sequences

    In fact if you go to storm’s website I can’t remember what it is. But he has many sequences available for download. At least if I am remembering correctly
  8. trooperblazer

    Jingle Bells Remix - Cant Find :(

    I tried the link. And got nowhere. So I’m not sure which Remix you’re trying to find
  9. trooperblazer

    Looking for THX Intro

    Thanks Saxon. I did get it twice LOL. I haven’t got a chance to monkey with it yet but thank you again!!!
  10. trooperblazer

    CCR Megatree

    Hey everyone. So I’m building my CCR make a tree. I’ve seen so many videos and different ideas on how to build this. I’m wondering if anyone else has thought of this way that I came up with. I’ve decided to go with half-inch EMT conduit. I’ve seen others do this and it seems to look really nice and stable. However you have to use a Cupler and then another section of conduit. But here’s my idea. What about telescoping half inch EMT conduit into eight three-quarter inch EMT conduit. This would negate the need for a Cupler. And seem to make the whole structure more rigid I believe any thoughts?
  11. trooperblazer

    HU doesn’t find pixie 2’s

    OK it’s official I’m an idiot somehow. I don’t know how I did it because I know I set the IDs individually. But for some reason all of the pixie twos reverted back to ID 01. And on top of that I didn’t realize that the CMB 24 ID has to be set by the dip switches. Now that I have dragged CAT5 all across the lawn with a laptop attached and reconfigured the IDs Everything is working as it should. Now I can get started on other stuff.
  12. trooperblazer

    Looking for THX Intro

    Just the lms file if you can. Or sup. Which ever is easier. Just need the CCR tree. I really like your little guy that jumps around!! Thanx!!!
  13. trooperblazer

    HU doesn’t find pixie 2’s

    Yeah. I tried that and the 50 W floods play just as they should. But the DMB24 Is not behaving correctly odd colors and random flashing and only the first 10 pixels of all of the pixie twos and ports light up. And they are still not even the right color
  14. Hey guys need some help here. So far for this season I have set up the following. 1.....CMB24.....8 10w floods 8.....CF50D 50w floods 5.....pixie 2.....10 CCR Ribbon arch When I’m running the hardware utility it always finds the 8...50 W floods. Sometimes it finds the CMB24 or it finds 1 pixie 2 Regardless it never finds more than nine units. I have set Max units to 250. Just to see if that would help. It doesn’t. The unit IDs are set as follows Pixie 2s are 10-19. Two ID’s per unit. Cmb24 is set to 38 cf50 floods are 30-37. I tested everything before I started setting up the display. Even played test sequences on each unit to verify that it was working correctly. Everything was fine. I know the data is being transmitted through the pixie twos because they are daisychained alternating between them and the CF 50 floods Am I doing something wrong? This is my first year with CCR‘s and pixels
  15. trooperblazer

    Does anyone know the amperage draw on the 50 W flood

    Damnit. I should’ve known better !!! thanx 8-)