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  1. Chiefwilson

    16 channel older Christmas

    I would love some as well. I have two different displays one 16 channel and one 32 channel with a mega tree. First year doing lor and I am limited on songs. Thank you in advance chief.wilson@gmail.com
  2. Chiefwilson

    Home for Christmas

    i would also love a copy please and thank you chief.wilson@gmail.com
  3. I would love a copy. Thank you in advance chief.wilson@gmail.com
  4. Chiefwilson

    Lights still on after show ends for night

    I did plug a set of incadecent mini lights into one of the leds but they still had a low dim. I have 10 mini trees wrapped in leds and all of them were dimly lit. Channels 6-15 will a bad triac affect all those channels simultaneously? The other channels that are also leds but they are c7 and c9 bulbs are fine. Just thought it was weird. Even when I unplugged both power cords from power. So there was no power coming in from a 120 volt ac power source. The only thing still connected was the data cable. But thank you. I will call lor on Monday and see if they have any insight on this.
  5. First year doing this and tonight after the show ended I was outside and noticed that the led lights I used to wrap my little trees were still on. Very very dim but nonetheless they were still on. I unplugged one from the extension cord and it went off. Plug back in, cane back on same level of dim. So I go and turn the power off to the control box (16 channel) only one on network. Lights are still on very dim. Where are the lights getting power from? Is this bleed through power from the cat 5? And is this something to worry about? Thabk you for your help.
  6. Chiefwilson

    Anybody have these to share

    Could I get a copy of these as well. Any help is appreciated as this is my first year and literally got all my stuff after thanksgiving so I am way behind the 8 ball thank you. Chief.wilson@gmail.com
  7. Chiefwilson


    I would love any pentatonix sequences. I have 32 channels with the 2nd 16 on a mega tree. This is my first year. Chief.wilson@gmail.com thank you in advance
  8. Chiefwilson

    Looking for 16 ch sequences please

    Could I get a copy as well please? Chief.wilson@gmail.com
  9. I would love to get a copy as well James. Chief.wilson@gmail.com Thank you