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  1. thanks to all...., I tried 4.3.18 --I have the same issue with that version; I used audacity to get 128K CBR -- so far to no avail; the only thing I have yet to try is to do a clean install of windows. Phil - when you say "nuke it" you mean erase and reformat the disk and then do a new install. Correct? thanks JohnMcK
  2. I have LOR S4 that I purchased last Sept2017 running on Windows 10 Home version Laptop. When I first installed LOR S4 and opened the sequence editor to start developing a new sequence, I got an error message that the editor could not convert it to the LOR format, that the beat wizard was not available, and the waveform was not available. in fact none of the wizards were available. the song played ok though. I trouble shot with LOR techs to no results. I stumbled on to creating a new user in windows, trying the sequence editor, and suddenly it worked. now I have upgraded S4 from Advanced to Pro and now the same problem is recurring. has anyone experienced the same? and any suggestion? I would hate to create another user in windows every time I update to a new version of S4. thanks in advance!!! John
  3. OK, great advice. I'll try to search face frames in the threads for additional ideas and sources. 3/8 inch rope lights. any source? I can use the RGB strips for straight runs and outlining the house, etc. thanks JohnMck
  4. starting to plan 2018 displays for Halloween and Christmas. I am thinking of DIY wireframes for pumpkin faces like one I have seen on videos. 4' x 4' or so. I want to use RGB and was wondering about RGB strips. Anyone have a design and advice on the type of lights to use? I have a beginning LOR setup that I used for 2017 but want to move to RGB & pixels. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks JohnMck
  5. already planning for 2018. 2017 was my first year. looking forward to more. could you send your sequence. thanks. johnmckusker@comcast.net
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