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  1. Played with this some more and with the help from the LOR help desk, determined it may be the network speed as CTB16's cant run at 500K. I set it to 115K and everything is working fine Not certain why they won't run at 500K, suspecting possibly the USB - RS485 adapter Thanks again for all the help
  2. Thanks again Jim Looks like I will need to use your suggestion. I upgraded the firmware on the one unit, same thing Happy Lighting ! john
  3. Thanks Jim My CTB 16's all have the green LED, respond via hardware utility showing G3 and are currently V1.06 firmware. Should I upgrade to 1.09? Didn't see what the FW update does on the LOR website I was running at 57.6K, just upped that to 500K and enhanced network. None of the CTB16's are lighting any of the props in that configuration. My CMB24D, V1.05, on the same network, responds fine to any of the settings
  4. Jim, I think I figured out what the issue is. Although the Mega Tree now works with the intensity files, the Mega Star, which is controlled by a CCTB16, does not. It probably needs to be on the enhanced network, but CTB16's don't work on the enhanced network setting, correct? So I think my only options would be either to get a controller that works on the enhanced network or use SE to control the mega star. If the latter, how can I get the mega star sequence info out of SUP and copy it into SE? -john
  5. Yes, figured that out when I ran the verifier, showed up as channel conflict, so deleted those. Same issue, the star on the Mega which is Unit 8, channels 1 - 6 in the intensity file. Shows up when I expand the blue bar and I verified that those 6 channels of that LOR controller are not being used. Verified the network settings again. The other 8 LOR units on the regular network are working fine, as is the Mega tree I am missing something obvious I am certain
  6. Jim, hope your opening was a huge success. I continued to modify existing sequences, replacing the old LOR sequence parts with intensity files. Maybe its just my imagination, but the tree looks better too I did find another issue. I have a 5 channel mega star on top of the Mega tree. Some of the sequences in SS have the star as well. When I tried to move the intensity file across, it doesn't look like the star data came with it. The configuration setup looks like the below, where LOR controller 8, channels 1 - 5 are the star. The mega tree controllers (CCB/CCP) start at unit 29. The SE has this -> but the star isn't working
  7. Thanks Jim !! Knew it had to be something obvious, did not have Enhanced Mode turned on for that network, appears to work fine now ! Happy Lighting ! John
  8. Been challenged this year, many more pixels resulting in delays and syncing issues. Was recommended I use the Intensity files from the SS. I am using S3 Pro version, version 4.3.24. I opened an existing sequences in SS and exported the intensity file to my sequence in the SE. At the bottom, as it should, the intensity files appeared. I validated the unit addressing and proper network setup and tried to run the sequence. It runs all lights except for the ones in the intensity file. In opening the channel configuration in the SE, the hardware does not appear, should it? I so, what step(s) did I miss, if not, why aren't the lights on the Mega Tree working? I ran a previous version of the same sequence without the intensity files and it did run, although with syncing issues, so hardware is working
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