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  1. Could I get one as well? Aberiddle@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  2. Could someone forward me a copy as well (mega tree firesticks and arches)? Aberiddle@gmail.com Thank you in advance!
  3. Thanks for the help again Brian! I got it to work after realizing I was not following your directions exactly. [What I did wrong] -> I was opening my SuperStar sequence (up to step 4) doing 'Save as' inside of SuperStar to a specific folder (to save the file I opened), then when I followed step 5-6 I got an error. [What to do] -> Do not save the file in SuperStar, open the sequence you want to pull in S5 and close SuperStar without saving anything. Only save when prompted in S5.
  4. I have been converting sequences from S4 to S5 and did one song already successfully. I was able to insert my 16 channel SUP mega tree file just fine and it plays perfectly in the S5 preview . Now on to the next song and I can't get my mega tree sequence from SS into the S5 sequence like this video shows. I get the box that says: No data received from Super Star. I know I am doing something small wrong but can't seem to figure it out. any ideas? It plays fine in SS and seems ready to go.
  5. Thanks for the help, S5 is waaaaaaay easier to do this in. I have no idea why I thought doing it through SS was the way to go. Love the construction video too! I am on my way to get this done. Thank you all!
  6. Anyone know the best way to program CCR RGB arches in S5? Do you use SS to do that? This is my first attempt at these arches so I may need elementary advice. Also the ribbons are 16’ as we all know, any advice on what length makes sense? They will be about 100’ from the road.
  7. I just want to be sure I am clear as I am rather fearful of going to smart pixels because of the programming requirement. I purchased a 16 CCR tree last year and OMG was it (time-consuming). it was awesome but I almost had to take it down due to lack of time. So for my question... If I buy smart pixels for my windows, can I can still use the standard sequence that LOR now adds for dumb RGB's? I ofcourse will modify as I have time to take advantage of the Smart capabilities later. Also, ribbons or bulbs for windows? I can't decide as the ribbons don't bend and face out.
  8. got a new 16x50 this year and purchased a few sequences; if you don't mind sharing what you have I would appreciate it. aberiddle@bellsouth.net
  9. could you share with me as well please? aberiddle@bellsouth.net
  10. I would like a copy of Star Wars Melody 16 CCR tree if anyone has it please. The boys in my neighborhood are all begging for me to put it up (too many Frozen songs for girls). Can't seem to find one to purchase or I would. Thank you in advance. Email: aberidddle@gmail.com
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