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  1. JTFisher

    How do I just turn the lights on?

    you are awesome. not sure what i had done, but she is working now. Thank you sir...
  2. JTFisher

    How do I just turn the lights on?

    Sorry, computer. Also, i actually just watched it run down and cutoff. Has to be something with the "loop" or something?
  3. Also new. I found a good number just in google searches, breaking them down to fit your channels was not that hard. I just imported my channel config and the big ones seem to fit my lights ok. some literally were working in seconds...
  4. JTFisher

    How do I just turn the lights on?

    Looking for a little detailed info on this. I setup what I thought was an "animation sequence" told it to run at 6pm. Everything turns on and then cuts off about a minute later. I am sure I am missing something. Until this weekend, I am looking to just have the lights turn on at 6pm and off at 10. No music and so forth..