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  1. NevadaIALights

    LED Lights

    Yeah thats my worry. I dont need any to get by for awhile I need some that are going to last!
  2. NevadaIALights

    LED Lights

    I have been buying the more expensive professional sealed LED lights for around $10 for a 70 light string and these at 50% will be $4 a string for 70 lights. I had gotten away from big box store lights because they always failed so quickly but now I am tempted to try it again since money is tight. Any other thoughts on the subject would be appreciated!
  3. NevadaIALights

    LED Lights

    Anyone use the Enchanted Forest LED lights from Menards? I didn't know how well they would dim using LOR or if anyone has any real life experience with them. Thanks
  4. NevadaIALights

    Sequences needed

    sent some
  5. NevadaIALights

    Sequences needed

    Sent some to ya
  6. NevadaIALights

    Sequences needed

    JR I emailed you a few of mine from last year
  7. NevadaIALights

    16 channel sequences

  8. NevadaIALights

    Star Wars

    anyone on here still? would love whatever star wars sequences you may have as well!! just the timings for the song would be awesome too! looking for the main theme song. adamfischels@gmail.com THANKS!
  9. NevadaIALights

    Sequences needed

    Ill check out your sequences if you wanna share more! Thanks adamfischels@gmail.com. I only usually run with 5 or 6 sequences a year. Also depends on how long each sequence is