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  1. RalphEachus@aol.com

    Advise on next LOR Purchase

    Thanks JR. I purchased the pro series 16 package that comes with basic software. This one... http://store.lightorama.com/ba16chpa.html You are correct. I DO like the faces and I understand they eat up channels so while I am planning on one additional box...I see more in the future. I am using all LED lights in my display except for a few of the blow molds that I have not converted to LED as yet. I was thinking about experimenting trying to use chloroplast and spelling out words too. The software I believe is superstar sequencer. I found some videos on it and there is a "tab" for it In my software but I can't use it. I imagine because it's the basic software version. The example they just loaded the song and it filled in the blocks for the high/low etc. You had a basic frame work to then tweak it to your display. License Status Summary Your license covers the latest version, 5.0.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time. Details LOR Feature Level: Basic SuperStar Feature Level: Demo Max Version: 5.0.* Just wondering if it is worth the upgrade or there is a better program to use out there. I tried to sequence one song myself from scratch and 30 second of the song and 5 hours later I decided it was a lost cause.
  2. RalphEachus@aol.com

    Advise on next LOR Purchase

    Any help/Advise would be most appreciated. I am newly "infected" and purchased a LOR 1602 starter unit about 2 years ago. Not surprisingly, I am ready for a second controller and have gotten a bit lost on deciding on which to choose. A bit about my situation... I am in Florida (So lots of sun/heat and rain..luckily no snow to deal with). I have a single story house that LOR does a great job but I am looking at adding maybe arches or singing trees/pumpkins this year. I have a pretty clear out of the way path to run the connector cable. Any thoughts on which unit would be best to use as a slave? I want maximum abilities obviously and I can see adding a third unit in the next year or two. (I prefer to get new from the site...sadly I seem to have missed the sale. Or do you think buying used is safe?) Additionally, the basic software that came with the package does not seem to have the feature to create my own show to a MP3 that I pick. I know you can have it load the song and then you go tweak the lights as desired. so.. second question.. Which software do you recommend for this? Any help/advise input would be VERY much appreciated.
  3. RalphEachus@aol.com

    Why won't my Beat Wizard work?

    Hey Everyone, i have had unit for a couple of years now and I am wanting to finally try creating my own sequence. From Sequence Editor my beat wizard IS NOT selectable. I am sure it is something silly but I just can't figure it out. anyone help please?