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  1. Thanks for the advise Craig. Disconnected the RJ 45 coming from the Light Linker to unit 1, reconnected it and the light went solid right away. Refreshed and found all 7 boxes 1st try. Ran a couple of shows and it looks good. Thanks again. 8 years of doing this and still learning new things. Greg
  2. I have 5 controllers on one side of my house and 2 controllers on the other side of my house. They are all connected with the RF Light Linkers. Last weekend when I did my first test I had a hard time finding controllers 1-5 all on the same side of the house. It took a couple of try's. I found 6 and 7 right away. Last night when I went live I had the same problem but it took me longer to find controllers 1-5. 7 or 8 try's. Still found 6 and 7 right away. Tonight I had to find the controller's again and it took probably 15 minutes and when I did the show didn't run as programed. Still found 6 and 7 right away. Things would come on when they weren't supposed to and things wouldn't go of when they weren't supposed to. My Light Linkers are 8 years old. Do they wear out? Or could it be controller number 1 that is having a problem. I have also move the Light Linker from one side to the other and the light Linker from inside to outside tonight to see if that would help and it didn't. Thanks, Greg
  3. Thanks, I was looking in the forums. Don't know why I did think to look there. Greg
  4. Has anyone heard when/if there will be a LOR sale in Febuary this year? Greg
  5. Thanks, that took care of it. That's why you get the big bucks. Greg
  6. That could be it. How do I take it off? Tried most of the day today. Thanks
  7. This should be so easy. I'm trying to delete some of last years sequences in existing sequences. I left click on the file like I would do last year but nothing. Did something change i the last upgrade and licence? thanks, Greg
  8. I had to go out of town tonight. So I left my computer on and told the wife she wouldn't have to worry about anything the show would start on it's own. Needless to say when she got home the show wasn't going and she said she got one of those messages where you have to end the program then the send don't sent message. After she rebooted the computer everything was fine. I should be able to leave the computer on and have the show start every night shouldn't I. I even disconnected from the internet just to make sure. Any suggestions. GM
  9. Right now I have a show scheduled from 6:00p to 9:00p. What I want to do is have s second show after this one where I tell people that the show is over for the night. I went into the schedule editor and scheduled the second for 9:00p to 9:01 but the second show didn't play last night. My 1st show didn't end till 9:03p but shouldn't the second show still play as soon as the first one was over. Or do i have to do something different. I did look in the LOR help but I couldn't find anything that would apply to what I'm trying to do. Greg
  10. In the sequence editor did you make sure that your unit settings for the second contoller are set for unit 02 then channel 1-2-3 etc ?
  11. dodgertrue

    No Lights

    Did you Right click on the light bulb in the right hand tray and enable the show.
  12. I'm an idiot. I thought that the show was enabled but it wasn't. Thanks to everyone for your replies.
  13. Yes. The lights in the controller stay on steady but nothing is happening.
  14. I went to run a test last night and could get the show to run. In hardware utility, it shows that I'm connected to 2 CTB16D ver 4.01 controllers on comm port 4 like it always did. The ell shows that it is connected and LED 1 on the RF 4 is blinking once per second and LED 2 is dimly blinking twice per second like their supposed to. Anyone with any ideas. I didn't need to do anything to update anything here when I went to 2.0.16 in July did I? I even unloaded the show from schedule editor and rebuilt it again in show editor.
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