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  1. Dkazm201

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Mr.P I have the Light o Rama Hardware v4.3.24 Pro I'm Registered with Pro Edition with Super Star.
  2. Dkazm201

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    That controller is not plug-n-play with LOR, you would need to add a dongle which is another $45. If you want true plg-n-play in a LOR network then you want the LOR CMB24D which I highly recommend How many would I need to do two singing heads? and is anything else needed with that one? Ex power supply ect? or is it all included in the 109?
  3. Dkazm201

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Well im a Noob to them but i was looking at this one: http://www.holidaycoro.com/30-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/43.htm
  4. Dkazm201

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Another Question What the most cost effective way to do this? Id like to start with 2 Singing faces. CTB16 controller will cost me $260 + the cost of lights. Vs. RGB Controller x2= 120 + Power Supply 23= $143 + the cost of the lights + a waterproof container. Am i missing anything? Do i need a power supply for each RGB controller if so id add 23$ on. Also will will the RBX controller plug and play into my CTB16 for control or do i need an additional Controller? Sorry with the questions, im trying to get the best bang for my buck. Thanks again Daniel
  5. Dkazm201

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Thank you All very much! This is a Great help. I'm gonna start ordering stuff lol my wife's gonna kill me.
  6. Hi all, Last year was the first time I Wired up my LOR setup I also just bought my house in September so it was my first Christmas in the new house. I set the Bar high. So i want to keep adding on every year. I Figured I would get a head start this year and start learning. I would love to do some Singing Trees or Light Bulbs this year, Making the physical Cutouts is no problem for me. My biggest question is about how to wire them. Do i just do another LOR 16 Channel plugs or DMX? I'm currently using a 16 Channel Setup on my house using LED light bulbs. I am a real noob with the additional Controllers and lights if someone can recommend what lights to use and why it would help me greatly. Thanks in advance Daniel
  7. Dkazm201

    Finally up and running, One more Question!

    See i was thinking that.. so obvious lol. Thank You i was over thinking it..
  8. Hi all, I have my shows set up, they look amazing!! I have my shows set to go on at 5:30, then end at 9:30 pm. I don't want to upset my neighbors having flashing lights all night. That being said id like to have a certain lights come on after my show finishes that just stays lit. that way my house don't go dark. I want the lights to stay on until 11:30 pm then turn off. Im sure this is a noob stupid question but please let me know. Thanks in advance Daniel
  9. Dkazm201

    Looking for 16 ch sequences please

    Could i please get a copy also Dkazm201@gmail.com
  10. Dkazm201

    Free sequences

    I had One Question Im a Noob I Just start this year i only have a 16 channel so im trying to find some of the programs with 16 channels. the only one i can find is the polar express one but i cant find the song to match up with it lol . Or if anyone has a 16 channel show they can share with me id love to get a template i can add onto. Thanks in advance !
  11. Dkazm201

    Free sequences

    Wow Thanks for the Files. I was able to save them using Save link as. This really helps me to understand how to make my own.