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  1. Fixed it! Turns out 1920x1080 Display setting are just too high to view the grid. I Reduced my Resolution to 1680x1050 and it working fine! Just incase anyone else has this problem.
  2. Hi Guys im trying to edit a few of my olde sequences with my new singing faces sequences (thanks for the shares) but none of my grids are working. I'm running on a custom built computer that's more than capable of running the program. Note it worked no problems a few months ago then i opened it up in November and it would not show the grids in any sequence. I uninstalled and upgraded ( that was a nightmare because i'm not ready to learn the new program lol but that also did not display any grid boxes). I Uninstalled and reverted back to the older version and still doing the same thing. I'm going to presume it a plug in problem if anyone can give me a push in the right direction it would help greatly thanks in advance! Attached are screenshots They show how it looks on my screen when I open the different sequences. im also going to start a ticket not sure whats faster. Thank You Daniel
  3. Dkazm201

    Lights Flicker?

    Yes Licensed, Permits pulled and Approved by the town . Underground Feed(buried). I live in NJ we are over crowded in my area lol so , Yes multiple houses are serviced by the transformer. Additionally the transformer is also in the front of my my house. The lights on my LOR setup go bright then the lights in the house flicker slightly. No other lights in the house don't go brighter only the outside ones during a show. I also checked the Legs the are all secure where they meet the house.
  4. Dkazm201

    Lights Flicker?

    Hay guys So second year with the light Setup last year I had a 16 channel light setup with my 100 amp box. I had some light dimming/ flickering with my led lights in my house (normal house lights). When the sequences go on outside. I attributed it to the 100 amp box and splitting the lights off of existing outlets. This summer i upgraded to 200 amp service and installed 4 15amp dedicated breakers to the christmas lights and added a second controller, so each of my 4 plugs has its own 15amp dedicated breaker off the new 200 amp box. Still getting flickers/dimming in the ceiling led lights. So do you guys experience this also? Just wondering if i'm alone lol, its not horrible just a slight dim but the wife's like will this always do this? lol
  5. I'll take a Copy please! Dkazm201@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking for the Singing faces for this song I'll take a Copy please! Dkazm201@gmail.com
  7. Ill take a Copy please! Dkazm201@gmail.com
  8. Can I also get a copy of this Please Thanks! Forgot my Email Dkazm201@gmail.com Who doesn't wanna build a snowman lol Daniel
  9. My Kids Love this song ! Also Looking for Your Welcome if you Happen to have it! Edit: Forgot to add my email... Dkazm201@gmail.com Can I get a copy of this Please Thanks in advance! Daniel
  10. Lol I didn't know this was so popular hahaha Can I also get a copy of this Please Thanks in advance! Edit Forgot my Email.. Dkazm201@gmail.com Daniel
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