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  1. This was it, thank you guys so much!!!!! on with the show.
  2. and hardware console, which works and lets me test and all functions ok.
  3. This is what I've set in sequence editor, I've just selected the first 24 channels and turned them on, I've upgraded to the latest version last night so I'm now baffled
  4. HI, I've disconnected everything else and it is assigned unit 1
  5. Downloading the latest version now, license says: Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer (32-bit), Version 5.1.2 Basic Plus Edition
  6. Sorry about that, details updated, I do indeed have control lights checked which is even more perplexing, when I run the hardware utility it detects the ribbons and they test successfully.
  7. Good Afternoon all, so after a succesfull year with regular 16 channel controllers last year, I took the plung this year and got a PIXIE2 and CCR set in the summer sale. so I'm not sure if this is a behavious in S5 or due to the controller, but previously when previewing in the editor my lights would follow suit and I could test effects, run through songs make sure timing was correct etc. Now with the 2 CCRs I have set them up using the built in profile for PIXIE2 controllers in S5 (2x ribbons 50 channels each), I have set some generic colours and flashes, but darned if I can get them to react when I preview, should I be seeing the lights respond as I did with my 16 channel home controllers or am I missing something basic here? Thanks
  8. After years of watching fancy Christmas lights on youtube, this year I decided to take a stab at this and invested in a single 16 channel LOR controller to get a show up for our new house and the neighbourhood (anything to distract them from discussing who's cat or dog is pooping on whose lawn). Well as documented in my previous posts on the newbies forum I had nothing but trouble getting the show up and running, and I spent a fortune on lights which either didn't work, or wouldn't behave correctly. It got to a point where I was about to give up for this year and have a static display. But, one set of LEDs from Amazon, came, and by jove they worked, they flickered, they faded, they shimmered, and all of a sudden the mad dash to get Christmas right was on. Now I had hidden all of this equipment in my office in the back yard, as I didn't need my wife knowing what I had spent on lights, let alone importing the controller. But one day she walked in on me sequencing The Pogues Fairy Tale, and when I showed her the sequence she cried (having recently lost her dad she is having a tough Christmas) and was blown away. So I sat with her and discussed my plans to make Christmas "Go Off" (as the youth might say), and permission was given for me to get another controller to make some leaping arches, and sequence in our rope light star. I sat until 2 in the morning wrapping arches, then I spent 2 weekends putting up lights. Our show is just done with basic lights as finances and time didn't allow for me to go all out, but here I am with 32 channels, a wife, 5 kids, a full time job which has me travelling all over Europe during the week, and studying for my MBA, and I still sequenced my own lights. Is it perfect? no. Is it a little amateurish? probably. do I care? Hell no! It's all my own work, and I'm proud of what I've done. This is my first year and I only got my head into the LOR software in November, but it really isn't rocket surgery, and with a little help from Youtube (thank you John Storms, and LOR) you can create some pretty decent effects, which will have the neighbour kids dancing around and the adults actually getting out and meeting each other, rather than b*tching on the community facebook page. This place is an amazing resource, the help you get here is second to none, I get we don't all have the time, but it's not impossible, and it really is worth putting a little piece of yourself into your show. Much love
  9. Not sure if you could tell the software to stop at a certain point in the track, I'm sure someone with more experience with this will pop up shortly. But failing that you could edit the audio track and cut it short. Save it with a new filename. In LOR software create a new sequence with the new audio file and copy and paste the work they did into the new sequence.
  10. Hi All I know the orders went kind of crazy over thanksgiving, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea on what the current order lead time is? I placed an order on Saturday and was hoping it would ship this week. 2 days is the answer Thank you to the LOR team once again for awesome service. Thanks
  11. not sure if this is allowed as it may be seen as promoting a competitor, but the company I used for the lights is syncrolights you can also purchase the following white lights from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01753OUF0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Hi, yes I managed to get it to work despite the transformer. Here's what I found. Lights sold in supermarkets will power on and off, but will not shimmer, twinkle or fade. Cheap Chinese lights sold on Amazon will do all the above if they are white, coloured ones again only turn on and off. My best results were from buying dumb LED strips in red white and green from aliexpress as these worked flawlessly and ship with European plugs fitted (2 pin) I also found a local company who supply their own lighting controls, and I bought some lights from them, again these worked 100% So in short, you will be able to get Lights that work, but you may need to go through some trial and error before you are able to get the best results.
  13. Just to bring this full circle, I have managed to source some LEDs which behave correctly with fade twinkle and shimmer. They do have the transformer between the LOR controller and the lights, but behaviour is't affected so that's good. Also had good results with LED rope light. I was out all day Saturday hanging lights and got half the house done |(and now have a stinking cold), ran a couple tests and it looked good. I've got some arches coming this week and I've ordered another controller with 4 day shipping (what an age we live in!) Once I got it working I decided the music isn't loud enough so I have an order out for an outdoor speaker. More to follow, but again, thank you everyone for your guidance and help.
  14. Good even chaps I'm at my wits end trying to find lights in the UK that will fade and shimmer. Does anyone have any experience buying lights over here, baring in mind this is for a controller set to 240v. I'm using adapters at the moment to make the change from us to UK outlets. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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